Leaf or Shadow?



Can you have your title be a question?

“There are no rules in art, just consequences.” – Carol Marine.

I’m glad I did the base coat this bright orange, it makes the whole thing glow.  This whole week has been very lazy.  I caught my husband’s cold and am such a wimp when I’m sick, so all I did was lay in bed or eat.  Rough life.  Anyways, I got up from my after church nap and sat down to sew more Christmas presents but it just didn’t feel right.  I wanted to paint.  So I sat at my easel and messed with some still life items, the norms….glass….fruit….But all I wanted to paint was crazy shadows and fun negative space.  Go figure.  So I grabbed this long-reaching branch and casted some shadows and just started throwing paint on.  I made three different ‘greys’ but they don’t read different in the painting – one thing I would go back and adjust.  I just LOVE painting the spaces in between the leaves and around the shadows.  And it felt good to just paint today.  It’s been a few days.

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