112 Kramer



And because it’s so fun, here’s the progression of the painting:


I like to start with the darks when I do dogs (usually).  It helps to get the easy parts down first to eliminate one color and make the whole image less intimidating.  Then I just start working up to the lightest shades.

photo 1 (93)photo 2 (98)  

photo 3 (56)


photo 2 (99)

Here I went back in with the red, it got lost.  I think I also put detail into the eyes and face features, the most important part in a portrait.

photo 3 (57)

And here’s the original photo.  This friend has requested quite a few, but she always sends me the best photos!  Getting the right photos for dog portraits is really tricky.  Hopefully I can make all the rest work, stay tuned!



You are missed Kramer dear.



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