Oops! Missed one.


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

Catching up on website stuff today and realized I never posted this painting from January 18th!  I was rushing to crank out some paintings before new baby girl arrived and this one must have gotten lost in the preparation.

I love using these copper vases, and it really stands out with all that white.  Look at all the colors in the whites > yum.  Bringing it to the gallery this month.

Birds for March


(5x5in on wood blocks) For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans for the month of March.

I’m feeling this internal battle to fight for time in the studio during nap time.  But the battle is also between napping myself or cleaning or taking care of screaming infants…not in that order of course.  So, as I keep dying to myself (in the positive, Christ embracing way) I’ve left the canvasses blank and the palette dry until another day.

So far this month all I’m able to accomplish in the studio is these little 5×5 studies, which is a nice way to at least touch a paint brush and not have the commitment of a larger surface to cover.  So here you are, check them out (and hopefully a few more) at Trimble Court in Old Town Square, downtown Fort Collins, CO.



(15x32in on repurposed 1.5in deep canvas) For Sale in my DailyPaintWorks gallery.

Managed to finish this guy today.  I wanted to take advantage of all the helpers around me and see what painting with two kiddos would be like. Granted, I attacked a larger canvas this week – doing the small ones might still be doable, but I am going to have a ton of grace on myself so my babies still get my attention first.  It was fun to play with paint this week though!

Here’s a full shot:

And here are some of my favorite brush strokes of the day:

Awaiting the Arrival


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) For sale in my DailyPaintworks Gallery

This is the last painting I did before baby girl arrived!  Hence my absence from the blog for a bit.  I did get some time in the studio today, but I’m trying to take it easy and be with my babes.  I’ll post when I can!