Fall Minis


(5x5in on wood block)

Finished up some quick mini paintings to round out the Fall collection at Trimble Court Artisans.  Everything is hung and ready to go.  If you’re a local go check out the new paintings.

Pumpkin Vanity


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October, 2017. (11.5×11.5in on 1in deep stretched canvas)

I was itching to paint these pumpkins and metal again, but thought you all might be tired of seeing my same still life objects, so I pulled this tea kettle down and dusted it off and let him have an appearance for once.  Then there was this big awkward space to the right of him – but my Fall set up on the fireplace mantle helped here.  I couldn’t resist these fun mustard balls at Hobby Lobby, glad they got painted too.  Their funky shapes made for great shadows too.

This probably concludes my fall assortment for the gallery here in town, but next I get to put some pieces together for the gift shop at the Fort Collins Museum of Art, so stay tuned.

Pumpkin Play


For sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (8x8in on stretched canvas)

Nap time came today and I poured myself a cup of tea and thought I would just sit and enjoy the rainy weather.  But then I thought about the cute little pumpkins my daughter has been collecting and I got all inspired and excited – and when that happens, you obey the call.

This was so much fun!  I love how soft and glowey it turned out.  And that purple that jumps around the canvas.  Mmmm.

Commission Day


(8x10in on stretched canvas)

The weight of my list of commissions was piling up on me and causing me to not enjoy painting for fun…so I had to check a couple off this week.

This is a family friend and her dog who recently passed away.  I don’t agree to many commissions these days but when someone asks for a memory to be captured forever I usually cave.  Anyways, this one was a joy to paint – phew!  I tried to stay loose and chunky, and luckily with this figure I didn’t have to fuss too much.  Sometimes with faces and skin tones I end up playing and layering too much, but this gal had great shapes and yummy colors.  I simplified the background, as usual, but they were sitting on this warm hard wood floor that I was afraid to change too much.  So I keep similar coloring, even though the dog was very close in color, but I lightened up the dog a bit so she wouldn’t disappear into the floor.


Odd Man Out


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October 2017. (10x10in)

Every time I take my daughter to the grocery store lately I let her pick out a “baby” pumpkin.  She loves it, and I know I’ll get to put it in a still life later.

This composition was inspired by Carol Marine.  I love how that orange bounces around in the glass.

I’m feeling the pressure of some commissions piling up, so I might have to take a break and take care of some of those – it’ll clear my mind so I can enjoy painting things for you all again.

Apple Pie And Corn On The Cob


For Sale at Trimble Court in October 2017. (8x8in on canvas panel)

Doesn’t this just embody Autumn?  Harvest.  I’m still building up a Fall collection for the gallery starting next month.  Corn on the cob is hard to paint!  This is round two for me and I still struggled.  I love all the shapes the husk makes and how it casts the shadows too, that’s my jam in a painting.

Soft Coneflowers


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Guys.  I have two babies down for naps and I took the risk of painting, but I finished one!  Horray for painting quickly and loosely and thank you Jesus for the grace.

Anyways, I was in a hurry and Pixabay searched “harvest” to find this reference photo.  My goal was to keep it loose and play with soft and hard edges to keep things “in and out of focus.”  I’ve tried this sort of photo-like challenge before and failed, but today I feel like I gained a little ground in that battle.  And.  I love coneflowers in the fall.

Copper and Pumpkin


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October (8x8in on canvas panel)

Continuing with the fall themes – my daughter loves all things baby and when we saw these ‘baby’ pumpkins at the grocery store we of course had to have one.  And for $0.69 I might just go back for a bucket of them. Anyways, I told her we could paint it but I wanted to paint (a picture of) it first.  Together with my trusty copper pitcher it was a joy to paint and the colors I mixed were lovely together!  If-I-say-so-myself.  I guess when I grabbed a white pumpkin, a dark orange copper pitcher, and a blue piece of paper I didn’t immediately know I’d be mixing mossy greens, purply-teals, and glowy oranges.  So. Cool.

Also, for being a white pumpkin, I used surprisingly little white paint.  Here’s proof.

Late Summer Sedum


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (16x16in on stretched canvas)

This bush called to me again.  Each season it just gets better and better.  I probably should have started with something small as I just took a few days break while my mom visited; but one – I didn’t have any more 8x8s and two- still lifes just weren’t speaking to me today.

Check out my last four seasons here.

Bought More Bulbs


For Sale in the Fort Collins Museum of Art gift shop (10x10in on canvas panel)

Picked up some more of these fabulous clear light bulbs yesterday and snuck away during nap time.  My mom is visiting this weekend and graciously gave me a chance to paint between baking projects and crafts.

I’m working on restocking some inventory with some fall themes, but these lightbulbs just called to me.  I had to remind myself a couple times with this painting to stay loose and keep the brush strokes confident.  Some things I wanted to improve on from the lightbulb painting from the other day.  I really like the shapes the bulbs make as they stretch across the canvas – something I always appreciate when painting glass.

Lightbulb Pair


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (8x8in on canvas panel)

I was so excited about this still life set up, but when it came to painting I really struggled through!  I was striving for the effortless, bold-and-loose brush strokes, but I think I ended up playing with the shapes too much.  I’m still pleased, but I might have to try again tomorrow.

Here are some progress shots:


Treasured Pinecone


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October, 2017 (8x8in on canvas panel)

My daughter has been collecting pinecones on our walks lately – I need to remember to bring a bucket for her.  She piles them in the backyard when we get home and then play with them, assigning them Dada, Mama and Baby pinecone as she plays.  I thought a pinecone would be a good start to September.

Tonight is First Friday!  I will be at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins for the opening reception of Find Yourself(ie) – stop by if you’re out and about.  6-8pm.  If you need another stop on your gallery walk, the Community Creative Center at Carnegie Hall (near the Library) has a wonderful new exhibit of local artist Barbara McCulloch.  Check it out!