Tomato Day


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October, 2017 (8x8in on canvas panel)

I began nap time by making some marinara since our tomato haul from the garden was filling up all our buckets.  The smell of simmering tomatoes was a nice addition to my tomato still life today.  The big guy in the middle never even landed in the kitchen – as soon as I picked him I knew he had to be the star of a still life.

Reds are hard to capture.  I got a little fussy with this one, so I might play with them again soon.


Fall Abstract


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

This was so much fun.  I had another photo picked out for today – in another unexpected chance to paint – but I couldn’t get excited about it.  So I searched Pixabay quickly for some fall foliage pictures.  This one was mostly blurry branches but I loved all the colors in it.  I have more plans for this photo reference in the future.  Get excited.

Completed Mural


Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our anniversary and my goal was to finish all three of my projects I had this month before our celebration so I wouldn’t be distracted.

I did it!

Here is the final look of the mural, minus a few touch ups I’m sure I will have to do.

Find Yourself(ie)


I put the mural on hold to work on another project the City asked me to participate in > the Find Yourself(ie) show at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.  The gist is, local artists are painting interactive backdrops for people to take selfies in front of.  It sounded fun right away but the fact that they’re 9 foot x 9 foot backdrops intimidated me, especially considering the other projects I had this month.  Alas, I was convinced, and I’m glad I did because I finished mine yesterday!

I love brushstrokes, this was my favorite part.

After day 1.


The show opens September 1st with a reception from 6-8pm, be there to be the first ones with unique selfies!  The show will go the whole month of September if you can’t make it to first Friday.

2 projects done, 1 to go!

Strawberry Meet Up


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (8x8in on stretched canvas)

My schedule got shifted around a little today and I ended up with some time to be in my own studio during nap time!  It’s been a couple weeks since I have painted small so it felt good to use such little paint – hah!

And my daughter walked out and saw the painting after her nap and said, “oh, nummy!”  So there’s that.

Taking a Break from the Mural


Here’s the latest update on this year’s mural progress; I’m taking a couple week break to work on another project for the city that is due the end of this month > check out the Find Yourself(ie) show at the Lincoln Center starting September 1st.

Another little helper was with me last week.  Thanks G!

What a Crab


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Um, this describes my attitude today.  Because my month is so busy with art again I get a schedule I ‘need’ to keep in my head, and if my daughter’s naps don’t line up with it I lose it.  I have some repenting to do when she wakes up today.

Nevertheless, I painted this guy while she slept this afternoon.  And I’ve been singing “shiny” from Moana in my head since I started painting.

More Mural Progress


I’m covering some major ground these days!  I was excited to get some of these clouds in because before it was a red pheonix on the orange background color – didn’t pop and the public must have been wondering what the heck I was doing.

Really pleased with the results after last night’s work.

I was also talked into participating in the upcoming show at the Lincoln Center – Find Your(selfie) – artists will paint 9foot by 9foot backdrops with scenery that will allow brilliant selfie taking.  I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to do it since I have so many big projects already this month, but alas, I guess I’m squeezing it in!  Wish me luck.  Come check that show out the month of September in the gallery at the Lincoln Center, or the opening reception First Friday September 1st 5-7pm.

Giant Space Chicken


(4ftx4ft on gallery stretched canvas)

I have to admit, I never thought this would be the title of one of my paintings.  Ha!  I’m glad I practiced this one before the large guy because this project just fell off my brush – I had to go ask my husband if it looked okay because it was so easy I thought surely I did something wrong.

If you’re a local you can check this guy out in person in the new restaurant taking the place of Enzio’s downtown at the end of the month.  Local artists Allie Ogg will also have some of her art there as well, what a treat!