Mural Progress


As mentioned in previous posts I’m working with the Art in Public Places program on this mural in downtown Fort Collins.  So far I have visited 3 times and got lots done!  Here are some progress shots:

Initial sketches


Day 2:

Day 3:

Close Up shot: (plus, I think if you click on any image it should zoom in….I hope)


I’m having a blast working on this, and Jesus has given me some really great weather and execution help.



Tall Lilies


(8x20in on stretched canvas)

The pods have all opened in this bunch so I squeezed one last round out of them on this tall skinny canvas I grabbed at the thrift store this week.  The gallery needs some orange so I think I’ll save this one for that space, but feel free to inquire about purchasing – you might catch it before it makes it to the gallery.

(Trimble Court Artisans, Gallery)

The Mural I’ll be Painting


As mentioned briefly in the previous post, I’ll be starting the mural this week!  Here are some shots of the space.  Another artist, Todd Kundla, and I collaborated.  He did the sculpture part on the other side and it turned out AWESOME!  Here are some shots of the whole space:

The mural will be in the parking lot on Remington and Olive, I’ll post via Facebook and Instagram (teddiparkerart) when I’ll be out there working – I would love visitors.

Here’s the plans for the mural:

Stocking Up, and some big news!


(12x12in on stretched canvas)

I got a new glass bowl at the thrift store last week and thought I’d try another Carol Marine idea.  We only had these neon colored water balloons though, so it made it tricky.  I did have a lot of fun ‘suggesting’ those not-blown-up balloons in the bottom left corner, maybe I should do a small painting with just those?  A nice thing about water balloons is they’ll never go rotten.  I have a few more ideas I’d like to try.

This week might be my last week for personal painting.  I have two fun projects coming up for the city.  The first is a mural that has been in the works for months and is finally getting primed this Friday!

The second is a new restaurant in town has commissioned me and another artist to do some art for their walls!  I was just told the sizes and subjects they want today and one of them is 4 feet by 4 feet!  I’ll have to practice going big again, the mural will help.  ::wink::

I’m excited for both of these, but they will take some time and focus.  I’ll post when I can, but this momma might be pooped by the end of the day.

Water Balloons No.1


(8x8in on canvas panel)

As I was setting up this still life I popped one of the balloons!  I think my studio can handle it, the water fell mostly on a rug… oh well.  I bought some water balloons initially because I was remembering Carol Marine’s water balloon paintings from her blog and wanted to try.  Though, I introduced my 2 year old daughter to them this week and I think my hands will permanently smell like balloons.  So glad she loves them though.

Anyways, the light pastels of the balloons when they’re full threw me off – but I think I captured what I wanted.

Lilies for a Friend


(11.5inx11.5in on 1in deep repurposed canvas)

The Lilies from yesterday sold so quickly – later that day I ran into a friend of mine who asked me to keep her in mind the next time I do orange lilies because she’d take it.  Orange lilies remind her of her mother who recently passed away.

So how could I not immediately return to the studio and make her one?


Consider the Lilies


SOLD (12x12in on 1in deep repurposed canvas)

I bought these lilies a couple days ago at the grocery store and waited till the began to open up.  Today was the day.  They burst open so brilliantly, but I love painting the closed pods too.  Although, as I’ve said before, my favorite part to paint in a bouquet like this is the negative space.  Look at all those fun shapes – and I just take a giant brush, load it up with paint, and slop it on to create those blurry lines and yummy color blends.

I painted this so fast today I almost want to call it a ‘sketch’ and really study it again tomorrow, but other tasks might take over tomorrow’s precious nap time.

On another note:  I got an update from the city and I can begin painting my mural next week!  Locals > watch out for the walls around the garbage pickup area in the lot on Remington to turn bright orange!  That’s my cue.

Just a Peach


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

With the babe napping so well these days I went from not wanting to paint this afternoon and sleeping instead – to a quick lie down and then painting a peach!  I was under a little bit of pressure since the lilies I bought to paint next are opening up and looking great, but I wanted to do one more with these peaches before scarfing them down.


For some reason I struggled a bit more with just the one larger one, versus the two smaller ones from yesterday.  I wanted the brush strokes to show, but also wanted to make sure it looked soft and blurry like a peach.  Have you every tried painting a soft fuzzy fruit?

Now I can eat them.

Minnesota Wildflowers


(5x5in on wood block)

This is the only painting I did while visiting family where I actually got to use my new plein air easel.  There are glorious wildflowers up at my family’s lake home and my mom loves taking the granddaughters on walks to get bouquets.

Can anyone name any of these?

Colorado Peaches


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Back from a 8 day trip to visit family in Minnesota, and first time painting in the studio for over a week!  Past experiences told me I was going to be a little rusty, but the fear lessens more and more each time because now I know my skills will return!

Today wasn’t as smooth and fall-off-the-brush as it felt before our trip, but I’m still pleased with the result.  Peaches have such yummy colors – and then bluey/purple edges to make them look fuzzy.  I hope they last another day so I can try something different tomorrow!

Here’s a mid-progress shot: