Cairn (kai-urn)


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

A popular scene here in Colorado.  Cairns are stacks of rocks built up as a landmark or memorial, usually on a hill top or skyline.  But we see them all over the place on hiking trails.  I just stacked these up while my daughter was throwing rocks in the river last week.  I think I want to do a few more, or maybe play with some color theory since the original photo was so monotoned.

On a side note, this is my 500th post!  How cool.

Copper Pear


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans (8x8in on canvas panel)

I’m really digging painting reflective things these days.  I found two small ceramic pots painted a dark coppery color at an estate sale a couple weekends ago and have been itching to paint them.  Finally got a still life I was excited about > I had to re-work the green pear a couple times, but I love his reflection!

Spring Succulent – The Final Season


SOLD (23.5×23.5in on repurposed stretched canvas)

Oh man guys!  The series is complete.  This is the larger version of the mini I posted the other day.  I’ve been taking pictures of this bush at the end of my sidewalk for a year now.  Each season tempting me with different colors.  Summer was all about the deep purple-red-blacks, then fall the dry red-purple-pinks.  Winter was being creative with color in the grey-brownness.  And now spring!  Look at those yummy blue-green-purples.  Can’t wait to see them on all wall (mostly) together at the studio tour the end of next month.

Happy painting.





Up For Grabs


My loss is your gain.  These guys didn’t make it into a show I put them up for – so I’m offering them for sale again.  Enjoy!

Fall Succulents | 20x20in | $200

$250 24x24in Summer Succulents.


Email me with inquiries.

Pedestal Painting


SOLD (12x12in on 1.5in deep stretched canvas)

This year I’m participating in the Artist Studio Tour in April – organized by the Lincoln Center.  I’ll be joining other local art makers for a combined show the Wolverine Farm and LetterPress and Publick House.  As an opening reception the Lincoln Center is taking a piece from each artist participating and displaying them on March 31st from 5-7 pm (if anyone wants to come check it out!)  Apparently there will be jurors awarding prizes for different things – yikes!

Anyways, because I’m part of a larger group – we get a shared pedestal space 3’x3′ – so they have to be smaller pieces.  If you’ve been following me for long you know that I’ve been working on a series of paintings of this succulent bush at the end of my sidewalk in every season.  Well, we are having an early spring here in Fort Collins so I’ve gotten a few great pictures of the new blooms coming out and have been working on the last installment of the season series!  I threw this ‘mini’ together for the “pedestal show”, but the larger one will be coming soon!

Arches National Park


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

The direction my student wanted to go today was national parks.  We started with Arches, and she learned that rocks are a lot trickier to paint than they look.  But we made some yummy orange-red-purples together.

Dapple Charleston


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

This is for the Dapple Challenge this week on DailyPaintworks.

My husband and I left for Charleston, SC a couple weeks ago and had a grand time.  I took a few photos for painting too – there were so many colorful buildings with great shadows on them, perfect for the challenge this week.  This is the first of many.

Blowing Bubbles


SOLD  $70.00 USD (12x12in on repurposed stretched canvas)

I recently discovered a few under water paintings by Samantha French online and was so inspired!  It took a couple scans through Morguefile and Pixabay to find a photo I was excited about – and today I finally tried it.  I like the idea of chaos in color with a few details that are recognizable in a painting > like the bubbles and her face.  You don’t see the whole face, but you see  key pieces that tell your brain, ‘oh, it’s a face!’  I love that.

Oh.  And my 1 year old daughter named this one….by making noises.

Bouncing Ideas


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

​Oh man.  My younger art student came over yesterday and she blew my mind!  I had a simple still life set up, but when I asked her opinion we ended up changing everything – but it was such an upgrade!  I never would have put this orange and pink together, and I questioned the metal and the lightbulb, but we had so much fun painting this one together.  A humbling lesson.

Wet Hippo


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

I just can’t get over these hippos.  They pop up in most of my daughter’s books and I just love the shapes they make.  AND they usually end up hanging out in this lovely green water – together with their purple-red skin, yummy!

This was one of those cross my finger paintings.  I was so focused on all the shapes, then I’d step back – the whole time thinking ‘I hate it, I hate it.’  But then once I snapped a shot of it on my phone and could see the little thumbnail, it actually worked.  That’s a good test to try before throwing your brush on the floor and quitting.

But man, I needed a win today.

Fighting the Rust After Vacation


(8x8in canvas panel)

Argh, the rust of taking an art break strikes again.  Not sure how I feel about these but just had to keep trying today > my heart screams to paint, but my hands just aren’t connected yet.  I hate that!  Oh well.

For this top one I picked a picture I found on pinterest because I loved the colors.  Then I set up a still life and did my best to focus on the values and colors I wanted instead of what I saw.  Here’s the photo since I can’t really explain:

And here’s my first one of the day; painted from a magazine photo.

SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

Favorite part= the hand on the right > I like how the colors and shapes turned out.

All in all a good practice day I guess.