Intimate Interior


NFS  (8x8in on canvas panel)

It’s my art student’s birthday!  So we painting lovely interiors from our favorite retail magazine, and had a blast.  It was nice to not paint from life or the computer screen actually – felt easier.  I gifted her my painting at the end, but snagged a photo first. I also ripped out a few more pages because they were just so pretty, there will be more of these for sure!


Paper Airplane Practice


SOLD (15x15in on repurposed 1in canvas)

Doing some more little sketches for the mural coming this summer.  This is slightly changed from the exact mural design, but has some similar elements – I’m not used to painting from imagination.  Usually I’m looking at a still life set up, or a picture.  I did use reference photos for this painting, so I could keep it believable.

Here’s one from a couple days ago:

For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans (8x8in canvas panel)

Something’s Cookin


Oh man guys, I had the privilege of getting asked by the Arts in Public Places Program (the group who hands out the transformer boxes to be painted) to do a mural in Old Town this summer!  It’s a bit funny – apparently there’s this new trash enclosure in a popular parking lot that has been getting used….incorrectly.  ::wink::  So the city has hired a local sculptor and myself to beautify this thing up to mitigate some of the….improper uses.  But how cool, no?!

After a meeting today with the board and fellow artist, I came up with the sketch.  Just wanted to show you, don’t get too attached.  For all I know if could be totally different tomorrow – I’m just so excited to share my summer plans with you all.

Paint on!


Silver Paint


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

During an art lesson with some kiddos, a young one asked me while painting self portraits, “Do you have any silver paint, I need to paint my necklace.”  To which I told her, oh no – you don’t use silver paint, you paint it to look like silver.  When ever that comes up in a lesson, painting metal things becomes our next lesson. ::smile::



(8x8in canvas panel)

In the past I’ve avoided doing landscapes, they were never appealing to me – and when I would try them I would fail horribly.  My teen art student has been wanting to do them and even live outside! (plein air, here’s what we did last week) So I find myself wanting to try them more as well.  Our neighbor friends took us on a nature walk about 5 miles (via bike ride) away and the sense of wanting to set up my easel and start painting what I saw was overwhelming.  Alas, I just snapped some reference photos to paint later.  Even though everything is still brown and dry here, when the sky turns blue everything just feels more alive.  I was particularly enthralled by how the blues change in the water as it gets closer to you.

So here’s the first of my landscapes from this walk.

After finishing this one, I felt I got too nit-picky and tight and tried another quick, loose and bold sketch in about 10 minutes just to loosen back up and get a different feel.  It feels a little ‘unfinished’ but the brush strokes are more what I was trying to capture.

(8x8in canvas panel)

Plein Air with Acrylics


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

This is from Friday’s art lesson.  Man, have we been having some great weather here the past two weeks!  My student friend has been wanting to try plein air painting so I thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and lack of wind.  When she arrived we took a stroll around the house (we had to stay within baby monitor range per nap time) and decided the alley was the most inspiring.  So we set up camp.  My friend wished we had a name for what it is we were doing – since plein air is primarily an oil painting thing – and we were loading our palettes in the dirt, balancing easels on rocks, spraying our acrylic paint every 2 minutes….didn’t feel like how the professionals do it.  But that’s what I appreciate about the way I paint sometimes, and I want everyone to know they can too.

Here are some shots from the day:

easels on the front porch

getting paint.

some composition checking sketches.

If you have any suggestions on what we could call our technique of “plein air” painting let me know!

Old Friend


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

This is one of my favorite pictures from this summer.  While visiting family we spent a morning at Como Zoo in Minneapolis and had the best time!  I have sketched this picture in my sketch book and loved it so I thought I’d try painting it.  My husband asked if I should make the turtle look like a statue (which it was) or a real turtle.  I thought the viewer should decide.

Familiar Fort Collins Scene


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

I’ve had too many hobbies going on these past couple days, but did manage to paint yesterday – and hopefully today and tomorrow.  This is a sight in north Old Town.  My husband and I drove past it after our date for Valentine’s day and I had him stop so I could take a few pictures.  I’m going to try it again, I feel like I want it to look a certain way.

Here’s what I’ve been staying busy in the home with:


crocheting things I find in stores.


re-upholstering an old chair.

Cast Iron Collection


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

I painted these suckers 3 times before getting a good composition.  In my art lesson with a friend yesterday we scattered throughout the house to find sweet little spots to paint a good scene – and I ended up in the kitchen with my lovely green walls.  This scene has been attempted before, but never completed, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them today> so I tried again.  I just loved the colors and the shapes.

> My friend landed in the dining room painting the shadows the high chair casted on the walls.  So cool, might have to do that next.

Again, But Bigger!


SOLD (16x20in on stretched canvas)

The first ship was so popular I had a friend request another one, but larger.  So here it is – the same ship but 16x20in.

Slowly making my way to working larger again.  I technically still have one more 36x48in abstract to do for my husband’s office.  Sheesh.

Pre-Packaged Snacks


SOLD (11.5×11.5in on repurposed stretched canvas)

I just felt like painting bananas today.

I appreciate all the fruits you have to peel before eating, because having a kiddo now- we’re dropping things all the time!  Yesterday I dropped a clementine in the parking lot, picked it up and peeled it and handed it to Fi.  Yesssss.

Now off to wash some dishes.

Boats Boats Boats


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I asked my husband what to call this painting, and this is what he suggested.  A How I Met Your Mother reference.

Anyways, for art lesson today we let our brains relax from learning new things and picked a picture and just painted.  It was really nice and I was super excited about this photo – I love painting the blue-green shadows under boats, such yummy colors.  The contrast between the bright boats and the dark water was really fun to play with too.  Good painting day.

Honey Bees


SOLD (9.5inx14.5in on repurposed stretched canvas)

Once again I was inspired by my daughter’s library books.  I love painting bees in flight, the brush strokes are so fun and free I barely have to think about them.