Square Eggs


(8x8in on canvas panel)

I watched Carol Marine’s latest art tutorial, “What color is White?” last night and got re-inspired to keep playing with white.  I know that with any new thing it will take multiple paintings to get right, but MAN was it challenging today.  She explains her technique so well, so I tried it.  Focusing on the values more really did help – I just need more practice making colors in the same values.  Good round 1 we’ll say.  Next time I’ll go slower and really be intentional with my brush strokes, I’m just used to painting so fast.  But spontaneous and loose doesn’t mean fast.

After pushing through the tough white challenge today I rewarded myself and went back to my comfort zone, glass.  How many people can say their comfort zone is glass?!  Thank you Jesus for making me a painter.

Comfort Zone | 12x12in on stretched canvas | Acrylic | $55

Comfort Zone | 12x12in on stretched canvas | Acrylic | $55

SOLD 10x10in on stretched canvas

Studying the shades of White


(12x16in on canvas panel)

I can’t stop thinking about white lately.  Like, white rooms with only one dark detail that helps you see the room – kind of images.  I stock imaged searched for a while until I just caved and set up a still life.  I want to try a bathroom next, just have to find the right set up.

Here’s my initial sketch, I think some things turned out better here and others in the larger version.  Good lessons learned today!


(8x8in on canvas panel)

I Know My Own and My Own Know Me


Email me to inquire about this painting. (36x36in on Repurposed Canvas)

Painting “Christian” things without being cheesy is my ultimate challenge.  There’s no rule book or guidelines, unfortunately.  And I didn’t mean for this painting to have any sort of deep, emotional meaning.  I just did it.  I wish I could say I had a giant vision for it, but I just played with color and this image till something I liked happened.

This painting has really morphed the past two days.  And as I contemplated the name for this painting I’ve been able to reflect on many things.  Why I paint, for example…biblically I create because God creates.  I reflect Him and a part of his character through the act of painting.  His canvas is Earth and everything in it, and mine is paper.  From my heart, I paint because I can’t look at art without wanting to paint something myself.  It stirs me up and makes me antsy to throw paint somewhere.  It expresses who my Creator made me to be.  Typing these things feels weird, ask me about it sometime – though I can’t promise I will be eloquent of speech then either.

Here are some of the phases this piece took:

IMG_5059 IMG_5060 mod2 mod

Enjoy!  And happy painting.

Humbling Sheep


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

The sheep from my Van Gogh day inspired the art lesson today with my 10 yr old.  They were surprisingly difficult.  I think we had fun together, but I could tell she wasn’t really proud of her painting.  I think one of the most important lessons we can teach kiddos is that we mess up and struggle too.  I remember feeling so much peace after learning some of the greats I admire had bad art days too.  Hopefully I expressed that clearly to her today.

I’m working on a larger piece with sheep too, chalk this one up to practice.

Iced Tea


(8x8in on canvas panel)

I was given a new pitcher yesterday!  We used it for some Sun Tea and it was the prettiest amber color.  I also inherited a large canvas just waiting to be assigned something beautiful – maybe I’ll create some grand summer scene with this iced tea tomorrow.

Vibing Van Gogh


Art lesson with three kiddos today had us practicing our Van Gogh.  It was fun sharing all of our Van Gogh knowledge, and they did great!  I feel like this painting could illustrate a children’s book, no?

Getting ready


I’ve been sketching like a mad woman because this year I get to paint TWO of my ideas for the transformer cabinets!  One behind the Miramont on College and the second as a demonstration for the Art in Public Places program’s even in August.

Here are some ideas for the live demo:


Bee Beginings


Another inspiring art lesson.  She wanted to do bees today!  I was too excited so I started playing with bees before our lesson today.  Here’s a little sneak peak.  I was hoping baby would sleep an hour after the lesson too…nope.  Maybe I’ll pick it up again this afternoon.


Painting Sketch


Trying to get inspired.  Guess where I’ve been hanging out lately. ::smile::  Hopefully I still feel like painting this tomorrow.

Parker Painting Happenings 2016


This past week has been prepping for a couple things happening this summer.

1- I received the location of my 2016 Transformer Cabinet!  It will be along the MAX line behind the Miramont on College.  And I just finished and submitted my themes today.  What’s your favorite?:

Retro PaparazziretroPaparazzi


Save the HumansSaveTheHumans

Animal Games                                      AnimalGames

I’ll let you know what the city chooses.  Then I design the whole box with that theme.  (Check out my “Art in Public Places” tab to see other cabinets I’ve painted)

2- I took an online poll to see which painting I should submit for the Michales Art Challenge this year.  The Flamboyance of Flamingos painting won the poll, since they’re looking for creativity and unique-ness.  They let the finalists know July 5th and then I’ll tell all of you so you can go vote for your favorite, or mine, if I win.

I have one more dog commission and then it’s back to whatever intrigues me.  Happy painting!