Ostrich Games


SOLD (10x20in 1in Stretched Canvas)

Inspiration comes from many places.  Today, it was my daughter’s animal book.  And since I did a more realistic hippo yesterday, I thought I’d play around with some collage-style painting.  It’s free-form really opens my creativity and let’s me experiment.  I did have to whip out the towel and wipe off a few steps I didn’t like after all, there’s that wish for the ‘undo’ button again.

It’s also fun to step back and see all the fun things that come from these freely creative moments> now I’m seeing how clearly I marked out the rule of thirds going vertically – just happened from playing around a bit.  Have fun layering!

Here’s where I almost stopped today.  But it just didn’t feel right.  So I decided to add some more depth with darker values.

ostrichboring          OstrichCollage


Loyal Dentists



In my organizing this morning I came across my jellyfish paintings and got re-inspired.  Though, morguefile didn’t have any new aquatic animals that tickled my fancy, I eventually stumbled upon some hippos that had some birdie friends and couldn’t resist.  Makes me think of the lion and the lamb analogies in the Bible.

And I of course made the hippos more purple, don’t you just picture a purple hippo when you think of one?

Weeds or Flowers?


SOLD (16x20in on Stretched Canvas)

Hollyhocks are growing all over our alley and sneaking into the backyard.  Once they bloom they’re beautiful!  But for now they look like an invasive weed.  I love these black/purple ones, we’ll have to see what colors pop up in our alley this summer.


May YART Sale – themed?


Golly I’m a sucker for sunflowers.  It feels so cliche too, but I never get tired of drawing and painting them.  In today’s art lesson with my 10 year old friend we just had a free drawing day – and I drew some ‘blind contour’ drawings of some new sunflowers.  I think I do better with the blind contour drawing than when I actually look at the paper with these flowers, the petals just feel more real.

As I was prepping this weekend’s YART sale at the Artery in Old Town, I noticed there are a lot of sunflower pieces.  So if you’re into them like I am, you better go snag a piece or two.  Here’s a little preview:

IMG_4455 (2)

Sleepy Sunflowers | 11x14in | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | $60

Sleepy Sunflowers | 11x14in | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | $60




Embracing a whole new genre


The surprise commission was gifted yesterday so I can post the whole image today ::smile::  I’m happy to report it was well received and it felt good to hand over something I was proud of – thought I admit I still had those ‘wish.there.was.an.’undo’.button’ moments.  Wouldn’t that be handy?

I could not get enough of those colors though!  The field turned out so beautifully.  I’ll have to remember those colors and work with them again.  Yum.



This is a small portion of a commission I’m working on.  I had to pray really hard this morning before sitting down to finish this one, some commissions really challenge me.  God came through again though and I think this piece just might make it.  Wheat fields are very forgiving ::wink::

Sleepy Sunflowers


SOLD (11x14in on Stretched Canvas)

Had to squeeze these guys in again, they just have such great shapes!  Especially when they’re a few days old and drooping at different angles, and looking around at different things.  So much personality here.  I also tried something new – starting with a deep purple background.  A good experiment.  My favorite part in a painting is always filling in the negative space.  Particularly where the flowers are in shadow and the background color is light and bright around it – they really just glow.


And remember to bid on the Cherry Blossoms painting in auction, money is going to a missionary friend in Asia.


Captive Audience


(16x20in on Stretched Canvas)

Now that I’m deciding on a name for this painting, doesn’t it feel like the flowers are all looking at you?  There is one guy looking really sideways but I couldn’t fit him in the painting > just means I’ll be painting this bunch again soon.  An okay first painting after a long break.


Raising money with ART


Golly it’s been a while since I’ve painted!  But we’ve been having the best time with 3 straight weeks of visitors!  My sister came first and we hiked and crafted.  Then my in-laws, they bought a house!  And my mom just left yesterday, but man did we get some yard work done and sewing projects!  Still feeling the void of her presence in the morning.  So please pardon my absence on the blog during that time.

Back to the studio today though!  My friend L is coming over to have a ‘jam’ session as the musicians would say, but with paint.  Really looking forward to this and also a little nervous as I haven’t touched a paint brush in a couple weeks.


But First!  I wanted to announce a pretty cool opportunity for me to raise some money for a missionary friend of mine.  I am auctioning off the cherry blossom painting above on my Dailypaintworks website.  His heart is for Asia, so I thought a new take on cherry blossoms might be a fun way to support him.  Please consider bidding and getting this guy on a plane!


Contour Line Drawing


Had our art lesson outside today so we could enjoy the sun!  I also brought home some sunflowers from the grocery store today – perfect combination.  We started with a warm-up contour line drawing.  Super frustrating if you’re not used to them, but super helpful in training your hand to trust your eye.  The gist is, you don’t pick up your pencil the whole time and you also don’t look at your paper the whole time.  I like to do this exercise with perfectionists ::smile::  She let me keep hers!

IMG_4571  IMG_4563

these were just made for the sun.