Lily Retake


(24×30 in on stretched canvas)

Here’s day two of the take on these lilies.  I’ve decided- not my favorite flower to paint.  My friend and I painted, entertained babies, and chatted for 4.5 hours today!  Glorious.  Next time we want to try peonies. Mmmmm.

Flowers Gone Wrong


We had to cancel yesterday’s painting session, as both babies were sick and the other friend is pregnant!  But I still forced myself to paint, and I was looking forward to painting with the story weather going on outside.

Plus!  My baby slept for 2 hours straight ( a bonus for her sickness and for my creative time), unfortunately, I didn’t really like what I created.  I got my husband’s opinion before I threw a fresh coat of paint over it – and we decided it couldn’t be salvaged.  There were parts I liked and parts I didn’t like about it, but sometimes you just have to admit defeat and try again.

I’ve rearranged the bouquet and we’re going to try again today.


See what I mean?

Dog Portraits


Commission (8x8in on canvas panel)

I did these two a while back for a friend.  The German Shepard was a family friend’s dog that had recently passed away.  I love putting special memories to paint to make them last forever.



Hanging at Equinox



Just finished hanging my Spring show at Equinox Brewery in Old Town Fort Collins.  Also, I updated the blog a little and added some fun links to my DailyPaintwork gallery – hooray for looking more professional ::smile::.

Also, the Hallberg Fine art gallery is launching this friday, April 1st!  Here’s the link >

I’ve picked my crocheting project back up and have been enjoying that all week, hence the lack of paintings these last few days.  I’ve agreed to not feel guilty, and to soak up a little break from the studio.  I’m having a couple gals from my small group from church over Wednesday to have a painting ‘jam session’, more art then.

Market Oranges


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I took the photo for this a couple weeks ago when I was a WholeFoods buying the last flower bouquet.  They were so orange and in these perfectly blue cases.  I wonder if I got any funny looks taking pictures of them ::smile::.  I haven’t really painted all week and was feeling pretty guilty, so I forced myself in once baby fell asleep.  Feels good.


-halfway through shot.

Wildflower Collection


SOLD (24x24in on streched canvas)

I’ve been working on a small family portrait commission this past week and just couldn’t get it to feel right.  Sure it resmebled the family, but the buyer and myself both agreed it just didn’t turn out.  This has been a very humbling experience, thankfully the buyer has been so gracious and we’ve worked out a deal, but I just hate handing off something that we can’t be proud of.

Anyways, I did manage to fight through the fear of failure and finish what I started yesterday.  I think I like it ::smile::.

Sneak Peak


Lately, for some reason art doesn’t feel like art to me unless it has the old master-impressionist feel to it.  I sketched a still life onto a canvas last night and filled some color in today to see if I’d like it, or could even do what I’m itching to do.  The set up is backlit from my studio window (so no painting at night for this one), but I think it’s headed in a good direction.

It’s icky outside, so maybe during baby’s second nap I’ll prep some of the commissions on my list…ya know, so I feel like I did something today.

Last Couple Prints for March


SOLD (8x8in on paper, unframed)

Getting things priced and organized for this month’s YART Sale.  Looks like I’ll be stuck inside for the next couple days due to this nut-so wind.  Hopefully the perfect storm for some good art.


SOLD (8x8in on paper, unframed)

Spring Irises


SOLD (23x24in on Wood)

When I buy flowers, I paint them as many times as I can – from as many different perspectives and in as many different vases as I can…before they die.  I think I’m really going to mourn the loss of this bouquet when it finally bites the dust.  I keep telling my husband > flowers feel so cliche to paint, but they have the best shapes, colors, negative space (my favorite) and they’re an easy genre in which to practice different composition elements.  I’m just having so much fun with flowers right now.

The March Yart Sale is this weekend at the Downtown Artery, I’m getting lots more prints ready for that this week!  And Next month I’ll be hanging at Equinox Brewery – what a perfect venue for a Spring Flowers show!

Pitcher Perfect


SOLD (24x36in on stretched canvas)

All finished.  I tried a red initially for the ground but if made it feel like a rainbow – so I kept it simple.  I had so much fun with this one!  You will definitely be seeing this bouquet pop up again.

Progression of a Painting


I like to do this when I remember.  I got to paint for 3.5 hours with my friend L again.  So great!  To quote Eric Liddell, “God made me a [painter], and when I [paint] I feel his pleasure.”

IMG_4183 (1)

IMG_4185 IMG_4186 IMG_4187 IMG_4188 IMG_4189 Irises

Maybe I’ll finish it tomorrow.

My Neighbors are the Coolest


SOLD (8x8in on Watercolor Paper)

I go to the neighbors on Wednesday mornings for a little knitting group and these ladies talk about the most interesting things!  Sometimes I even take notes for things to do with Fi when she grows up!  Anyways, she pulled out some photos she took with old cameras and developed herself the old-fashioned way and it inspired this print.

Another neighbor across the street gave us a bag full of her poppy pods last fall when she harvested them and my husband and I put them in the ground last weekend.  Her poppies -when they bud- the pods are the size of your fist!!  It’s crazy.  But the seed pods are the coolest looking things.


SOLD (8x8in on Watercolor Paper)

Batch of Prints


Made a fresh batch of prints on which to doodle tomorrow!  Excited about these colors.  I’ve made it a goal to teach my baby multiple names for colors (ex. vermillion, puce, chartreuse…), if you have any good ones let me know.

I’ll be participating in the March Yart Sale this month again.  Hopefully the weather will stay nice, Old Town is a great area to walk around on a sunny day > and end up at an art venue. ::wink::  New creations every month!

God’s Canvas


SOLD (8x8in on Canvas Panel)

Thank goodness for art lessons, some days they’re the only thing that gets me to do art.  My little friend wanted to paint clouds today – she was so inspired by a sunset the other day she said.  We wished we could cut off my roof and paint the sky just looking up, then we remembered today was rainy and not very exciting clouds.  Alas, we had a great time learning about hard and soft edges with clouds, and how God must use the sky every day as a blank canvas to wow us with.  So. Much. Fun.

And like usual, I’m kicking myself for not snapping a photo of her painting too.


I just loved the colors on the palette after we finished so I took a photo of it.


273, 274 More Prints!


SOLD (8x8in on Paper, unframed)

Oh man this is probably my favorite color/texture combination so far!  I made the square stamp out of a block of wood and a puffy paint design.  I really like how it turned out.

Below:  I received an email from a woman in town who had a couple cans of paint from painting the rooms in her house, and she wanted to give them to me.  Usually I just tell people to drop them off at the landfill – that’s where I go to get paint (for free!) but this time I thought, why not?  Oh. Man.  She had some great colors.  One of which is this yummy green-blue-gray color.  The circle here is actually the lid of the gallon of paint.  There’s something about circles that just feels so good to me.  And of course, jellyfish.

FullSizeRender (97)

(8x8in on Paper, unframed)

I have lots going on in the studio right now- lots of half-finished stuff.  I’m trying to play with color and experiment with different textures and shapes > I’d love to be able to just create beautiful abstracts of color like Joe Bradley, Michael Tino, or Richard Diebenkorn.  All of whom I’ve just pinned on my inspiration Pinterest board ::smile::

Some day.