Painting lesson with the husband


(11x14in on canvas panel, $60)

A friend of mine has been painting with her husband lately after getting paint supplies for Christmas, and I thought- what a good idea!  Steve and I have painted together once before, but never in a step-by-step sort of fashion.  So we tried our own little wine and painting night last night and were pleasantly surprised by the results!  I told him we wouldn’t have to do flowers, he seemed more excited.  The reference photo came from and we had lots of fun with it.  Another option I pulled was of an old cassette tape, that would have been fun too I bet, but he picked this one.



Free Style Bouquet


SOLD (30x48in on stretched canvas)

All done!  I think.  My husband I have been staring at this painting for 2 days, going back and forth about what color to add where, how to achieve balance and appeal, yada yada yada.  He’s such a helpful guy when it comes to this stuff.  It’s been a fun journey with this one – I really love this free style.  I just got to throw paint around and see what happens.  There is now so much color in my house from all these flower still lifes!  Just in time for the snow storm we’re supposed to get this weekend.

Here’s a shot of it on my wall:



Giant Sketch


I’ve had so much fun painting BIG lately!

Time in the studio today had it’s highs and lows.  I repurposed an old canvas that hadn’t been getting any “bites”, and I just didn’t like the painting anymore – so it received new life today.  I loved how the halfway phases looked in my last two paintings so I wanted to roll with that idea today.  The high > the original paint sketch looked so cool!  check it out:


The low> when I started adding too many colors. ::hmph::  Lots of lessons learned today, but I think I can salvage it still.  I just need to take a break today.  Fresh eyes coming at it tomorrow!


251 Bouquet No.2


SOLD (18x24in on stretched canvas)

Had another go at the bouquet, before they start wilting.  I was feeling guilty about using the same color combo so much so I mixed it up and went with another favorite – red/purple.  Missed my painting buddies today though.

Here’s the finished one from yesterday:

FullSizeRender (64)

SOLD (24x36in on stretched canvas)

Best day of painting ever!


This is a work in progress.  But look how much we did in 2.5 hours!  Days like these are my absolute favorite.  My friend L came over with a giant canvas and her sister E and we got our art on together.  Our muse was Erin Fitzhugh Gregory, and our inspiration was a bouquet of flowers. (or maybe that’s the other way around?)

Anyways, I just had all my paint and brushes out and we went for it.  Minor planning and chatting in the beginning, then we dove in- each with our preferred style of starting (I on a pre-painted canvas outlining with paint, L on bare canvas with pencil.)  It’s the best to just chat along the way, admiring each other’s colors and shapes.  And so. much. laughing.  There was even a point where I held baby Fi in one arm and painted with the other.

Here are some snap shots of our afternoon:

IMG_3900 IMG_3901 IMG_3902 IMG_3904

I was tempted to leave my painting like this – cool huh?  I’ve been really inspired by Van Gogh’s Iris painting lately and was trying to imitate him with my snapdragons.  I need to go buy more canvases.

Who’s coming over tomorrow?!

250 First Silver Pitcher


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I finally had the courage to paint my new silver pitcher.  I’ve been intimidated by it, waiting for a day I could be in a bad mood and not bug anyone in case it didn’t turn out (I have to be smart about those dark days).  Alas!  I think it turned out okay for a first go around.  Carol Marine had good advice about painting reflective objects like this, they are always darker than you will want to paint them.  Agreed, good tip.

Get excited about tomorrow folks!  My friend Lizzy (13) is coming over to paint together.  I bought a BIG bouquet of flowers today for us to put in paint together, can’t – wait!!!  This stem was a left over, but I can’t waste any still life material.  I love painting these “filler” stems.

On another note, here’s another finished commission.  It was a nice change-up painting with a grey scale, I rely heavily on color I’ve realized.

Lila Commission | acrylic on stretched canvas | 20x20in | SOLD

Lila Commission | acrylic on stretched canvas | 20x20in | SOLD

249 Matisse for Tea


Email me to inquire about this painting (23inx24in on Wood Board)

My baby received these ‘Mini Masters’ books at a baby shower I had, and we’ve been reading them lately since she’s now so interactive – but I’m the one inspired!


At night I’ve been imagining scenes of my home as if Van Gogh or Matisse were painting them.  After our sunny walk to the grocery store I became so inspired I pulled my easel into the living room and tried a plein air living room scene.

FullSizeRender (60)

Wish my dog would have stayed there for the afternoon.  Alas.  This was so much fun and I’m diggin’ the results.  I will definitely have to do this again.  And hooray for no dropping paint in the living room! ::smile::

Le Creuset Beta Fish


I brought this over to my friend’s house to see how it looked on the wall and to talk about what sort of colors to paint in the next one.  The wall is big and we decided to paint another canvas the same size to have next to each other – and – because I forgot she initially requested some yummy curry/yellow in the painting too.  It was fun to catch up AND talk about color.  Excited to get the next half going soon.  The fish are all the colors of her Le Creuset cook wear.  Pretty!

248 Long Live the Carnation


N/A (8x8in on Canvas Panel)

I bought a bouquet of these gorgeous red-purple carnations about two weeks ago and they are still going strong, and begging to be painted again.  I had my still life lamp shinning down from above, and the sunlight through the window was casting this really cool shadow on the white background.  So I painted them both.

Piecing together a large one


I haven’t posted in a few days, but it’s not because I haven’t been painting!  I’m just working on a larger one for a friend.  Here’s a little detail of it.  I’m hoping to finish it tonight!  I’m loving all the blues and greens I get to use in this one.

This Old Truck


Commission (18inx24in on stretched canvas)

Oh man guys, this turned out so much better than my last truck!  Hooray for practicing.  I really dig how gloomy the scenery is, and how worn the truck turned out.  Commissions can be a bit intimidating to get started, but most times they make the best challenges.  Thank you Jesus for guiding my hand with this one.

::exhalesmile:: another commission finished.

Branch Patterns No.1


SOLD (4inx5.5in on Wood Block)

My baby loves looking at patterns, future artist?!  I put this patchwork  pillow in front of her today with all sorts of fabric and colors on it – one particular pattern was intriguing to me – so I played with some colors and shapes based on the pillow this morning. A little warm up to get the paint flowing before an afternoon of larger painting.  I think I might do a whole series of little wood block studies – but I say that about everything. ::smile::

FullSizeRender (49)

247 I Shall Call Him Squishy


SOLD (10x10in on Stretched Canvas)

I got to spend a lot of time with my younger sister over the holiday break, and she’s obsessed with jellyfish.  Naturally.  But they ARE beautiful!  I wanted to paint something chunky and colorful and jellyfish were the way to go today.

Online Gallery is Live!


I’ve been doing the Daily Painting thing for a year and a half (seems longer with how many paintings I’ve done because of it).  And just this week I joined their website!  You can now see what I have available more easily and search by keyword and category.  Please have grace as I continue to sync my blog to the gallery and get all the paintings up – but for now, enjoy seeing what’s there and checking out the other artists!

Still working on getting my picture and Bio to show up too.  But I’m too excited to show you.

246 New Blue


SOLD (8inx8in on Canvas Panel)

Here’s some of the new glass I found before Christmas last year.  Finally got to paint it.  I felt like doing one more daily painting before busting out more commissions this week.

Growth Update


My mind was wondering today back to my very first daily painting, so I thought I’d put my first next to my most recent still life.

First Attempt  -SOLD

First Attempt -SOLD (May 2014)

All That Glass | Re-purposed House Paint (Acrylic) on wood canvas| 24inx24in | $230

All That Glass   (December 2015)

Granted they are way different sizes, but I just wanted to show what painting little and painting often can do to your art!

Delightful Art Lesson


I’ve been doing art lessons with a young girl from church over the past three years, and today I noticed so much growth I’m in shock!  She’s ten years old now and I tell ya, it’s like chatting with a friend when we paint together.  We decided to take on painting a still life of glass – always hard for me to explain because I just explain it how I would paint it, which, when said out loud sounds so non-art school.  But hey! She got it.  She was channeling the Claude Monet too.




Little G

At one point as I was watching her paint, I looked over at mine and was disappointed at how boring it looked.  She had beautiful color everywhere!

Action shot:

FullSizeRender (38)


245 Bike Gang


SOLD (4inx5.5in On Wood)

Fiona needed entertaining today so I let her watch me paint this.  I love when artists ‘suggest’ something in their paintings instead of painting the exact thing.  Especially people.  Fun bunch no?

243 Pantone Color(s) of the Year


NFS (yet)

My baby is beautiful and I just had to paint her.  It was great practice too for another baby commission I have this month.  Tiny features and a big head – oh baby.  And apparently the 2016 Pantone Colors of the year are Rose Quarts and Serenity.

I also played around with a couple other things tonight:

Watch This Mom | 5.5x5.5in on Wood | Repurposed House paint | $20

Watch This Mom | 5.5×5.5in on Wood | Repurposed House paint | SOLD



FullSizeRender (35)