Painting Party Minnesota Style


Posting from Minnesota today.  My mother hosted a wine and painting party for her friends with me as the instructor – the post from my sister’s Facebook says, “when your sister is an artist you get painting lessons at home.”  Love it.  Here’s the demo I did for practice the night before:

Fill the Vase No.5 | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | 18x24in | NFS

Fill the Vase No.5 | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | 18x24in | NFS

but my mom is keeping this one. : )




Online Gallery Inventory


It’s official – A few pieces of my art will be a part of the Hallberg Fine Art online gallery starting next year!  I dropped of my pieces yesterday – Heather is hard at work getting things up and running, but it sounds like a great opportunity.  She hand selects the artists, some local – some out of state, and puts their work for sale in her online gallery.  I’m excited to see the site once it gets going.

Here are the pieces I submitted:

Orange Zinger - SOLD

Orange Zinger –

Nicole Selfie | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | 8x8in | #30

Nicole Selfie | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | 8x8in | 

Le Creuset Centerfold | Acrylic on canvas hardboard | 9x12in | $30

Le Creuset Centerfold | Acrylic on canvas hardboard | 9x12in | 

My Spot | Acrylic on canvas | 16x20in | $80

My Spot | Acrylic on canvas | 16x20in | 

Red Sugar | Acrylic on Wood Panel | 24x24in | $145

Red Sugar | Acrylic on Wood Panel | 24x24in | 

I will change them out every so often so keep checking back!  Also check out the other artists on the site.


242 Winter Minis


SOLD (6.75in x 8in on Wood)

Just having one of those days – a little anxious and rushed for no real reason.  So today I slowed down, had an extended quiet time with God (sans baby) and got some refreshment.  Then picked up baby and after I put her down for a nap I surrounded myself with my house paints on the floor and cranked out these just-for-funs.  No commissions today, though I am staying on schedule with those too.

242 Winter Berries

242 Winter Berries   4.25in x 6.75in on wood

These berry branches are part of my Christmas decorations and I get so inspired by them every year.  Here are some previous years berry paintings.

244 Winter Pine No.2

244 Winter Pine No.2     4.5in x 6.75in on wood

The first pinecone painting was so much fun I tried it again.  I REALLY enjoy painting all those tiny spaces and stepping back to see how the colors mixed and are a little different each space.  I might try something along these lines with a painting and wine group sometime.

FullSizeRender (32)

They’re actually all on the same board…waiting for my husband to come home and separate them….but they looked kind of cool all together.

All That Glass


(24inx24in On Wood Canvas Panel)

I don’t have much time to paint for myself during the Christmas season because of the rush for commission requests- but I just HAD to squeeze this one out after all the glass painting talk at the art market last weekend.  I went a little Henri Matisse on this one, with the busy patterns.  Solid colored backgrounds just don’t show off the way the glass distorts things as you look through it, so hopefully your eye can find a place to rest in the blue vase maybe.  The reflections on the bottom of the big round pitcher were especially fun and challenging.  This is one of those paintings I think I’ll get lost in every time I look at it, just studying all the different areas.  Yes!!

There are many more things I’ve mentally noted wanting to paint after all the painting gifts are done- maybe I should make a list.

Now onto the final commissions!  I might not be able to post them all as they are gifts, so look for them after Christmas.



Making progress and drawing babies


My 9 yr old art student requested that we draw my baby this week for our lesson.  How great!  I let her pick the photo and everything, we had so much fun playing with Fi and drawing her too.  I especially enjoyed adding the dots to her dress- small on the hand that’s far away and bigger on the arm that’s closer.  Good lessons for me to practice too.

I also snuck another hour to work on my still life from yesterday, hooray for good sleepers.




Back in the studio


The art fair was a great time!  Thanks to all who stopped by and many thanks to all who purchased or traded art-for-art with me!  It was so much work but so much fun.  Here are some shots from the weekend;

IMG_3532 IMG_3529

Now it’s time to get back in the studio and I’m feelin’ it.  I had so many great conversations about painting glass that it really ignited a desire in me to paint a glass still life again.  So here goes!  Crossing my fingers Steve can watch baby Fi tonight so I can paint.