Working on some Minis


So much is going on this month in my world!  But I had some time to play with paint yesterday and make some of these ‘Minis’ on  wood blocks.  They’re small, about 4inx6in most of them, but they are so fun and free.  And if I particularly like one I can call it a ‘study’ for a larger piece ::wink::  I’m really digging this chair one for example.  I also scored a great find at Goodwill on which to paint too – huzzah!  If I have time in between preparing for the ART FAIR this weekend I will definitely plan a fun piece to put on my new big board.

*the art fair is called Fine and Funky and will be in the Opera Galleria in Old Town Fort Collins on Friday December 4th (5-9pm) and Saturday December 5th (10am-6pm).

236 Unique Pet Portrait


I have to admit I was a little worried this photo wouldn’t translate to a painting well.  But once I laid out the black areas the composition was pretty cool.  I wish I would have snapped a picture of that stage.  Here is one shortly after:


I found a pint of “disney pink” paint at the landfill a while back and it has been my favorite base color to paint with.  Especially with people – the flesh tones just turn out so warm.  I have been thinking about my collection of house-paint that I use to paint with and am hoping to feature that aspect in the upcoming art fair I’ll be in next month.  Maybe I’ll figure out a way to have pictures of my studio filled with paint pints and tupperwares of landfill paint that I use to paint every painting.  I tried reverting back to tubes of basic colors but I just love how opaque house paint is!  So I’m sticking with it.

I originally got the idea from my artist friend Mollie Freeman.  Check her out here.

Anyways.  I had fun painting these characters!  Two very interesting faces to paint.

Art Room Art


After an emotional blah day, I just wanted to create something pretty.  Earlier, I was trying to make a homemade Christmas decoration and failed…it happens.  But it was the icing on my stinky day.  So once we put the baby to bed I decided to give art one last shot.  I grabbed my background board I use to hang small canvases on while I paint them, and taped circles and a heart all over it.  Then brought it out to the garage and hit the whole thing with spray paint.  So satisfying.  And viola, art.  I will reluctantly put a price on it for the Galleria sale, but for now the colors will inspire me in my art room.


*update!!*  > I will officially be a part of the Fine and Funky Art Boutique in the Opera Galleria for December 4th and 5th.  Sounds like a wonderful event, and I’m getting excited about setting up a booth.  Stop by and see me painting live!  XXfingerscrossedXX

235 Charley



Fresh off the easel.  One last dog portrait to complete the set for an avid pet lover.  I get lots of pet portrait requests around Christmas time, what a great gift idea!

Charley was fun to paint, he has so much character in his face.  I love painting the bushy eyebrows, and when they look like they have a moustache – so great!

234 Grocery Store Inspiration


SOLD (12x16in on stretched canvas)

Here’s what came of my grocery store flowers today.  There were so many pretty ones it was hard to choose!  I had fun painting certain ones I might try and make another bouquet with the favorites.  It’ll be fun playing with color theory here too.

Just Create Day


The YART sale was a great success!  I love any opportunity to facetime with other local aritsts – they’re all so inspiring.  And I ended up stocking up on some sketches from one of my favorites ::mmm::  I was thinking about her figures last night and got such an itch to doodle, I put down my crocheting (Christmas presents) and grabbed my sketchbook.  I really admire anyone who can create from their own imagination, I need a reference to get going when I doodle > usually.  Here’s what happens with no reference:



But here’s what happens when I have something to get the wheels turning!:



(on 8×10 Acid-free paper)

This is based off a painting by Erin Fitzhugh Gregory I recently discovered on Pinterest.  Check her out> they are so beautiful!!

Today I’m hoping to paint from my imagination> or maybe I’ll pick up flowers at the grocery store for inspiration.  A (hopefully) fun exercise to free me up – I often get frustrated in feeling like I get all my ideas from other art that I see, and nothing I create is original (lies).  But I refuse to stop looking at other people’s art!!  They are so creative.


*doodles are always up for purchasing.  Email me for inquiries about a piece.

233 Grieving gifts



I was asked to paint this gem of a golden as a gift for a neighbor of theirs whose dog passed away this week.  I hope if brings them much comfort and many smiles.

231, 232 Update: Dog Portraits


Commissions – SOLD

Had the night with just the baby tonight, and praise God she’s going to bed earlier!  So I sat down and finished these two dog portraits to get them in the mail before Christmas.  Now to begin my Christmas presents.

Yart Sale


Got all my paintings back in the studio!  Now I’m getting them ready for the Yart Sale November 7-8th at the Downtown Artery.  Artists from all over town will be showing off their stuff and everything is $100 or less!  I’m hoping to stock up on some original artwork myself ::smile::  Now I just need more wall space.

*Art makes the best gift