230 Fetching


SOLD (14x14in on repurposed canvas)

I was itching to just throw color on a canvas and see what happens.  Abstract painting is so free and fun, and I was inspired by the dog portrait outlines I did yesterday.  I was hoping to just ‘suggest’ a dog here, but I just kept going it was so fun and simple.  I want to do a few more of these > headed to Goodwill for more canvases ::wink::

(the words in this painting say : “Out came the sun and dried up all the rain.”)

*this painting and many others will be in the Yart Sale Nov. 7-8th.

Lines Go a Long Way


Working on some dog portraits while the baby plays behind me.  Didn’t get very far, but every little bit helps.  Plus, it allows me to slow down and appreciate each step – usually.  I really love how these lines turned out; brush strokes going in different directions, some thin, some thick – all the qualities to make them dynamic.  Sometimes when I do these initial sketches I want to leave them as-is because they’re so cool.

229 Fill the Vase Painting Party


SOLD (16x20in on stretched canvas)

The ladies on my small group from church and I wanted to do a ladies wine and painting night as a get together this month.  I had an idea but then day of I painted another idea just for fun.  When the party came I still didn’t really know what I would ‘instruct’, but at least we had options.  It ended up being really free and everyone’s turned out so different!

Here’s the group-


Here’s mine from the night-

Fill The Vase No.2 | Recycled House Paint | 16x20in | $95

Fill The Vase No.2 | Recycled House Paint | 16x20in | SOLD


228 Swapping Skills



A hair-styling friend of mine just bought a new home and needed art to fill the empty walls – my favorite reason to paint by the way.  She had the brilliant idea to swap skills, a painting for some hair help ::smile::  Here’s what we concocted together.

Detail :

FullSizeRender (9)

227 Flower Sketch No.4


I could not stop painting today!  Which is so great because just yesterday I was whining to my husband about how I hadn’t painted anything that I really liked lately.  Isn’t that so how it goes?  I’m working on a skill-trade painting for a friend of mine, and got so inspired by the original sketch of it I grabbed all the scrap wood in the garage I could find and just kept experimenting.  Keep scrolling to see all 4.

FullSizeRender (5)

SOLD (5×5.5in on Wood Block)

All these pieces will be featured in the Downtown Artery ‘Yart Sale’ in November.

226 Flower Sketch No.3


SOLD (7.25×6.5in on Wood Block)

This was one of those paintings where I wish I had an “undo” button.  Good thing with acrylic you can paint over many layers and not have to wait for things to dry for hours!  When I play with matching different colors they don’t always work out, so here I “undo-ed” with the original pink color but left some of my experiment showing through.  I kind of like it.

225 Flower Sketch No.2


(8.75×7.25in on Wood Block)

This one was re-worked a couple times.  I like to re-purpose canvasses if I’m just can’t make myself proud of the original result > plus, leaving some of the previous layer showing through can really make the new creation cool!

224 Flower Sketch No. 1


SOLD (12.75×6.5in on Wood Block)

Playing with color theory.  I’ve been scanning pinterest and writing down color combos I like.  Today I played with red/orange, seafoam and teal.  I would put red/orange in everything if I could.

223 Color Theory City


I have been inspired by Patti Mollica recently, and for a just-for-fun session, tried painting with her color palette and subject matter for practice of thinking outside my comfort zone.  As I scan pinterest and save all these different images to my folders i think I’m most struck by the different color combinations these creatives use.  Maybe if I copy them enough for practice I’ll be able to learn and imagine “new” combos myself.  XXfingerscrossedXX.


*unfortunately the colors seem off in this photo.  The black is more of a dark blue and the lights have a purple hue.  Check out Patti’s it’s beautiful!

Studio life and Upcoming events


 (8x8in on Wood)

Longs gaps in between posts is nothing unusual for this new momma.  But this time I’ve been waiting patiently to post some things because our computer has been out of commission till now!  Because of the computerless-ness I had to revert back to painting from life, something I haven’t done in a while and was really glad to have the chance to refresh those skills.  Unfortunately I was also car-less today and had to paint on a piece of wood instead of a canvas panel like I like for still lifes.  Oh well, still counts ::wink::

Here are things that encouraged me in my studio today:

photo 2 (11)

Good reminder.

photo 1 (10)

New red paint (LOVE!) and coffee.


Something to look forward to > I’ll be participating in an art sale with the Downtown Artery in November – just in time for the holidays!  The remainder of my 8x8in paintings will be there, as well as some oldies but goodies from previous shows. *like my socks?

photo 1 (11)


All Finished!


(East facing side)

Officially done painting this years transformer cabinet!  Go see it live in City Park, corner of Bryan and Oak.  With each year comes new lessons to have more fun the next time.  Looking forward to the next one!

photo 1 (9)

North facing side



photo 2 (10)

South facing side



photo 3 (2)

West facing side



photo 2 (9)


Floating Dog


Here’s a little peek into my studio to see what I do when baby sleeps.  Commissions!  They are nice to have going on in the background, as long as they’re not all due at once ::smile::  Commissions are also a nice challenging stretch from my comfort zone sometimes.

Though I wouldn’t have normally chosen this composition, with the floating dog ::wink:: the customer wants what the customer wants.

More Transformer Cabinet Painting


A friend of mine hung out with Baby this morning so I could hammer out some more progress on the box.  This last side (facing the stream) has a weird texture to it so the look of this painting is a little different than the front.  Since there are so many ‘bumps’ I really have to brush back and forth a lot to get the color in – blending the paint more than I like.  I prefer to leave it big and chunky (Teddi words for ‘bold’ and ‘loose’).  It also makes it harder to get nice hard edges – something I’m going to be touching up this weekend.

Success!  I got 2/3 done with the last side, and will now be able to wrap it all up this weekend.  There’s no deadline really, I just want to finish it before it gets too chilly here.  Come to City Park Saturday and chat with me while I put the finishing touches on this year’s transformer cabinet!

photo 2 (7)

The grass was wet so I camped out on a blanket this morning.

Goodwill Painting


Trying something new with this one.  I am often found at the local Goodwill, can’t get enough.  I know other artists who have done something like this – you take an old painting from a thrift store and add your own painting addition to it.  Originally, this was a portrait of this little girl and her cat and a typical landscape background.  I went through a couple different ideas to add to this one > the Cheshire Cat hanging from her arms for example.  I landed on a giant lion laying behind her.  (I’m facepalming for not taking a before photo- next time.)

Steve says the lion fits in too well.  On the next one I find I think I’ll make it a little more obvious that I added it. : )  Might have to do this with girlfriends sometime.

*Gah, the sun has gone down already – the color here is way off.  I’ll try adding a better photo tomorrow.

Need a New Coffee Shop to Visit?


I have some art hanging at Cafe Ardour on Linden in Old Town!  Just a few pieces for the month of October.  It’s a sweet little spot with lots of character and yummy stuff. Last night my husband and I were reflecting on all the shows we have had a chance to hang this year.  I’m very thankful ::smile::.

photo 1 (6)