Monsters and Creatures Show


For the month of October Akins in Old Town is hosting Monsters and Creatures themed art from local artists.  I thought it would be a fun project so I am submitting a few ink drawings.  I haven’t been able to paint lately, but this was a really fun chance to flex my ‘art’ muscles.  Kerry VanDusen will also be displaying her ‘monster’ dolls in the show.  Those things are so cute!

photo 1 (5)


photo 3 (1)

-PolarDeer- N/A



photo 4 (2)



photo (14)

-Giramingo-   SOLD


photo 2 (4)

-Elefox-    SOLD

Nearly done…


Finished the top of the Transformer Cabinet yesterday!  I think I have one more long day painting the back, and then I want to spend a day touching up and adding some details.  Getting close!

It was hard to get an even shot, the box is just tall enough to be difficult to reach far enough.  Hope this helps;

photo 1 (4)

221 Garden in a Jar


SOLD (36x36in on Stretched Canvas)

Can you believe it!?  I painted this whole thing while baby slept yesterday.  She’s a great sleeper and I just kept going and going.  It felt good to be covered in paint again and have the chance to be creative all afternoon.  Praise God.  It is also nice to have something hanging in my dining room, with the big show at Coopersmith’s happening now my large pieces are all out of my home, the wall was looking pretty lonely.  I can’t stand bare walls ::wink::


220 WildFlowers



This one was just for fun.  I’m playing around with the idea of leading a wine and painting night for some girlfriends and wanted to do some ‘test’ paintings to see if they would be difficult to lead.  It’s always fun to just throw paint on a canvas and see what happens, I want others to feel like they can approach a canvas and have fun too.  This morning I repurposed some old canvases, I think I might do a larger one of these wildflowers on it – play around with some different color combos.  Yay paint!

Transformer Cabinet 2015


Another beautiful day for painting outside!!  This box is moving along faster than I thought it would.  Today I touched up the front image I did last week, and painted the two smaller images on the North and South sides.

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)

I even had a little helper come paint a duck today.

photo 3

photo 5

This side was harder to get a picture of because of the sun shining through the trees.  I enjoyed painting these ducklings, both times.

I even caught Fi checking out my front side painting.  Sweet girl.

photo 1 (3)

219 Lovey Dovey



Another #selfie stolen.  The whole scene was just too fun.  It was also a challenge painting the faces so small, I really had to squint to pick up the main values.  These two get married in a few weeks!

Tour De Fat and Painting Outside


photo 2

The new Saturday plan is packing up the family and heading to paint the transformer cabinet.  Tour De Fat also happens to be this weekend so we weren’t sure what kind of scene we would be stumbling upon today as the bike parade goes right past my box this year.  Turns out the parade was still going when we got there so we camped out on the sidewalk and watched the chaos pass by.  Great fun!

After about an hour things winded down and we made our way over the our spot.  Being a Saturday I really wanted to start and finish one of the bigger sides since I had Steve there to watch the baby.  They both did great and we had much to be entertained by.  I do like getting to paint while people are out and about, they say such nice things as they pass by….usually.

I painted till baby was starting to lose it for real and hurriedly slapped the last of the paint on.  I finished the whole side!  But I do see some things that need touching-up; it’s hard sitting so close to it the whole time and not getting to step back enough.  Luckily proportions are pretty good, I just have some things to adjust and make pop!  Here’s an action shot:

photo 1

I was reminiscing the rehearsal day for our wedding (just celebrated 3 years of marriage!)  Tour de Fat landed on the day before we got married, and we rehearsed outside in the park – the parade was going by the whole time in the background.  So fun – for us and our out of town guests ::smile::