Spring Post! > what’s still available?


In light of all the gardening prep and yard work I see happening, I thought I’d post some of my spring-themed paintings that are still floating around the studio.  Enjoy!

Enter My Garden | 24x48in | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | $345

Enter My Garden | 24x48in | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | $345

153 Warm Chrysanthemum

153 Warm Chrysanthemum | 12x12in | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | SOLD

Follow the Sun | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 36x48in | $520

Follow the Sun | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 36x48in | $520

124 Not Your Average Flower Painting

124 Not Your Average Flower Painting | 8x8in | Acrylic on Canas Panel | $30

126 A Serving of Vitamin C

126 A Serving of Vitamin C | 6x8in | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | SOLD

Leaf or Shadow? | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 14x18in | $65

Leaf or Shadow? | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 14x18in | $65

Alone Under the Flowers | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 18x24in | $110

Alone Under the Flowers | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 18x24in | SOLD

Secondary Glass

Secondary Glass | 6x8in | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | N/A

Camera Shy | Acrylic on Canvas | 12x12in | $45

Camera Shy | Acrylic on Canvas | 12x12in | SOLD

What's the Occasion? | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 16x20in | $85

What’s the Occasion? | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 16x20in | N/A

Fancy Pinecone

Fancy Pinecone | 8x8in | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | SOLD

Red Onions

Red Onions | 16x20in | Red yarn on Linen | $85

Potted Garden

Potted Garden | 8x8in | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | N/A

Rainy Day | Acrylic on canvas | 30x48in | $360

Rainy Day | Acrylic on canvas | 30x48in | N/A

Bowl of Summer | Re-purposed House Paint on canvas | 16x20in | $80

Bowl of Summer | Re-purposed House Paint on canvas | 16x20in | $80



174 Portrait Series No.4



Day off today and really need to flex my painting muscle, I’ve been falling out of the habit with all this nice weather lately.  I also pulled out another old painting I never finished to see if I can’t work some magic on it and wrap it up.

Another coffee drinker


This is actually one of my co-workers.  Handy working at a coffee shop.  I told him about the portraits I was working on and he said he had the perfect picture of himself drinking coffee.  And it WAS the perfect picture, I’m glad to have a dude to paint too.

*his mug in the real photo says ‘World best entry level employee’….I think I’m going to leave the mug blank, I just wanted you all to know that it says that : ).

173 Because it was so fun the first time


(12x12in on Masonite)

This guy IS for sale, I just need to hold onto him for the mixed media show next month, then I’ll put a buy button on him. : )  I did a very similar giraffe a while ago, but now that screen printing is on my mind I thought -‘ I kind of want that giraffe on a t-shirt’.  I’m hoping they can scan the original art because I don’t have any professional photos of these new pieces. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pieces for the show, but I have been working a few more also, it’s a nice mental break from the realism.

Here’s a fun commission I added to today also.  A friend wanted me to re-make an older piece I had from my window series.  This one is only 20x20in, the original was on a 100yr old window and about 3.5 square feet!

Bike Window

Wouldn’t this be cool on a t-shirt too?  Just need to add the color.

Fun show coming up for First Friday

146   Still I Will Praise You | 11x14in | Mixed Media | $50

146 Still I Will Praise You | 11x14in | Mixed Media | $50

I have a mixed media show coming up in April at Akins in Old Town on Walnut.  Akins is a clothing/ screen printing store and they’re offering a super sweet deal for artists > they’ll have a few of my art pieces ready to be screen printed on a t-shirt or bag of your choosing!  It’ll be hard to pick which one to do for me : ).  If you’re a local come check out the place, here’s the Facebook Link.

172 Portrait Series No.3


SOLD (24x24in on Stretched Canvas)

Finished!  This is part of a series for the basement of a coffee shop – fitting no?

The face here was so fun to paint > I was so drawn into seeing the face as shapes and colors that when I finished and stepped back it was cool to see how all those shapes really made the face look like a face. Painting is all about training your eye to see those shapes and values.

I explained this project to a co-worked of mine and he said he had the perfect picture of his friend drinking coffee!  I’m so excited to paint another dude ::wink::  Stay tuned.

172 Beginnings of a Coffee Drinker


Many people have asked me lately if i’m still daily painting.  The answer is mostly yes : ) I just haven’t done the little ones lately, I’ve been working on larger pieces and attacking them most days.  My art is starting to pile up and I was feeling like I’m creating a ton but no ones seeing it.  I do have some shows coming up this summer so I’m hoping a little will clear out.

Anyways, I’m posting this portrait beginnings to prove I’ve been painting.  I honestly haven’t been inspired by much recently, but I do get to put some pieces permanently in the basement of a coffee shop downtown so I thought I’d paint different people drinking coffee (inspired by my own self portrait I did for a ‘Selfie’ show)

More to come.

I’m also working on some commissioned glass pieces> I did a series of these on old windows a few years ago and they all sold!  But I did get a request for, which I’m excited about because they are really fun to do.

Here’s the original from a few years ago;

Bicycle | 36x36in | Acrylic and Puff Paint on Old Window | SOLD

Bicycle | 36x36in | Acrylic and Puff Paint on Old Window | SOLD

(see more in my ‘mixed media’ tab on the left column)

171 Standing on the Promises of God


(16x20inin on Stretched Canvas)

The inspiration for this painting came from church two weeks ago.  My husband leads worship once a month and he played a hymn, which means he practiced this hymn all week, which means we were singing it in our heads all week : ).  Anyways, as I mulled over some of the promises of God I just started putting layers down on a canvas and had some fun.  As it sits in the studio I might keep playing with it – no painting is safe if it sits in my view too long ::wink::

Here are some finished photos from the patio I mentioned last post:

photo 1 (13) photo 2 (14)

Happy March!

Warm Weekend Painting


It was pushing 80* here in Fort Collins this weekend, so my husband and I got in a work-on-the-house groove.  I did end up painting about 4 hours total, but not on a canvas:

photo 1 (12)

We did some research this weekend into installing some brick patios.  Unfortunately we’re super stingy as we’re converting the garage into a recording studio and all the extra moo-lah goes into that.  But we are thrifty!  We couldn’t do brick in the back, but we did score some concrete stain and I thought I’d paint some faux brick for now.  The more I worked on it today the more nervous I was getting that guests would see it and just think it’s tacky.  But it’s growing on me.

Here’s a night shot:

photo 2 (13)

I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  I love having Monday’s off. : )

Engagement Commission


Finished another commission!  And so wraps up my week of getting commissions done.  There are still a couple more, but hey – excuses to paint something.

This is an engagement photo of  sweet couple getting married in May.  She really wanted this photo blown up but it was taken on her cell phone and wasn’t clear enough to be enlarged.  Thank goodness for painters!  Had a lot of fun practicing more faces.

170 Minnesota Lake


(8x8in on canvas panel) N/A

Had a productive day finishing some commissions.  This one is the other one that goes with the red cabin.  Took me a day or two, but I am pleased with the result.  Each commission is always good practice, and a way to stretch me out of my comfort zone.  Though, I do know my limits. : )

A lesson with an old painting.



This is an oldie but a goodie I dug up last week to explain how sometimes themes just come together without you even noticing. to my 12 year old painters.  We were playing with mixed media last week.  The story with this one goes; I painted a bare tree branch, because – why not-, then found this pretty magazine scrap that was a beautiful turquoise, I had the song lyrics ‘still I will praise you’ going over and over in my head so I added them.  Once it was finished check out this cool theme that came together= the bare tree branch in the background, symbolizing the rough times.  The newly growing tree full of color and life representing the good times.  And the lyrics “still I will praise you”.  So cool.  I bet real artists can plan these sorts of things ; ).

169 Anchor for my Soul


(16x20inin on Stretched Canvas)

This one was a fun experiment trying some new things.  Lots of layers, and LOTS of re-working.  As mentioned in the previous post, I was inspired by a song we sang at a leadership conference with our church this last weekend, though I’d like to keep playing with this same concept I think.

This week I’m starting each painting session working on a commission before I work on my own things, gotta get them done!

Different projects lately…


It may look like I’ve been inactive these last couple days, but I have been doing art I promise!  Check this awesome eagle out from an art lesson earlier this week.

photo (11)


She had a project due for class so that’s what we worked on in lessons this week.  I love when they come with their own ideas.

And, like any unorganized artist, I forgot a commission my own mother requested of me!  So I did one of two yesterday;

Cabin in Minnesota

Cabin in Minnesota

And finally, something I got semi-inspired to do.  When we sing at church, or even when the pastor is giving his sermon, my mind is swimming in images.  The painting I’m working on now is one of those images, though it’s a different style than normal, so it’s taking some extra play time to perfect.  Here’s my favorite little corner of it;

photo 2 (4)

more to come!

Painting Party at the Lyric


So thankful a friend invited me to a paint-the-walls-of-the-Lyric party last night!  Now that I know what it’s like I’ll have a better idea of what to do next time, AND, I want to paint all night at the next one : )  Preggo belly was pulling me home early last night.  Below is my contribution, and then other photos from the night.

photo 5

On Saturday mornings they play classic cartoons and offer unlimited cereal for $5!  We’ve been a couple times and I saw Pink Panther for the first official time!

photo 4 (1) photo 3 photo 2 (3) photo 1 (2)


Apparently, these parties happen about 3x a year, I’ll be looking out for the next one!

166 Follow the Sun


(click on the daily painting blog tab to the left, then scroll down to see just how big it is on my easel.)

Voila!  Made a bunch of greens and yellows and took many, many steps back and just played all morning.  This painting is heavy in patterns, and a nice treat for all you sunflower lovers out there, no?  My husband likes the ‘chaos’ at the bottom, my whimsical way to get purple compliments.


*a note for locals.  Especially with these big ones, just contact me via email to set up a hand off.  Save you some $ on shipping fees. : )  AND! You’ll have it right away.

A year and counting…


Look what’s finally coming off the wall to hopefully get finished today!  This was started over a year ago as a project with my mentor in Wyoming.  It’s had many transformations since the beginning; a little boy looking up at the flowers, flower pots along the bottom…  But in my mind nothing really worked.  Stay tuned to see the results.

165 Real Hydration



(12x16in on Stretched Canvas)

Still waiting for that rush of inspiration on the next fun-‘masterpiece’ to work on ::wink:: Meanwhile, my husband suggested I go back to still lifes, just to keep that practice fresh in my muscle memory.  I have to admit though, this was not easy.  I almost scrapped it halfway through and started crying.  Pregnant artist= even more emotional about failure.  Alas, I just threw more paint on faster and re-worked it a lot until I got something I can be proud of.  I’ve been really captivated by the lemons in our waters at restaurant lately so I started there.  Let’s see where tomorrow brings me. It was good to stretch out the still life muscle again today.

#Selfie show at Coco Artist Studio


It’s official!  I’ll be showing two pieces (below) at the local gallery in Old Town Square, Coco Artist Studio exhibit #SELFIE this Friday (March 6) for Fort Collin’s First Friday Artwalk.  Come see them in real life – my silly face is actually really BIG! ; )

Self Portrait | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 34.5x34.5in | $360

Self Portrait | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 34.5×34.5in | $360

Hidden Self | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | 12x12in | $45

Hidden Self | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | 12x12in | $45

Sounds like the whole show will be up the whole month of March, just in case you miss it.