Leaf or Shadow?



Can you have your title be a question?

“There are no rules in art, just consequences.” – Carol Marine.

I’m glad I did the base coat this bright orange, it makes the whole thing glow.  This whole week has been very lazy.  I caught my husband’s cold and am such a wimp when I’m sick, so all I did was lay in bed or eat.  Rough life.  Anyways, I got up from my after church nap and sat down to sew more Christmas presents but it just didn’t feel right.  I wanted to paint.  So I sat at my easel and messed with some still life items, the norms….glass….fruit….But all I wanted to paint was crazy shadows and fun negative space.  Go figure.  So I grabbed this long-reaching branch and casted some shadows and just started throwing paint on.  I made three different ‘greys’ but they don’t read different in the painting – one thing I would go back and adjust.  I just LOVE painting the spaces in between the leaves and around the shadows.  And it felt good to just paint today.  It’s been a few days.

Mozart, a.k.a. ‘Mozzie’


6x8in | Acrylic on Canvas Panel | SOLD

Another morning working on some Christmas commissions.  Meet Mozzie, a Goldendoodle from my home town.  I finished another one today, but I better save it for tomorrow, might not have a chance to paint since it’s Thanksgiving!  It is also only noon, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to keep painting today : ).

113 Ruby Red Pears



I was at the grocery store picking up some last minute groceries for one of the Thanksgiving parties we have this weekend, and I stumbled across these BEautiful red pears!  I don’t think I did them justice in this first go, but the colors were so fun to make.  As usual, the different reds don’t get caught on camera like they are in real life, not sure how to fix that.  I’m definitely painting these again!

photo 2 (100)

Christmas Reflections


Had back to back art lessons today….too pooped to apply my brain and paint.   But here’s how one of my students and I challenged ourselves today.  drawing the reflections in a christmas ornament.  You try it!

Need a Christmas idea? Clearing out my studio…

Camera Shy | Acrylic on Canvas | 12x12in | $45

Camera Shy | Acrylic on Canvas | 12x12in | $45

Hey all.  So I have a lot of paintings decorating the floors of my studio at the moment, and while I do love being surrounded by them – the other part of me wants them to be enjoyed!

That said- Check out the categories under my profile picture and see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy.  I try to keep this site up to date on what’s available but maybe email me (contact) and we’ll sort things out.  I am happy to ship cross country as well.


Surrounded | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x12in | $45

Surrounded | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x12in | $45 

Only Room for One

Only Room for One | 6x8in | $25

Green Grapes

Green Grapes | 6x8in | $25

Coffee Accomplished | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x24in | $72

Coffee Accomplished | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 12x24in | $72

112 Kramer



And because it’s so fun, here’s the progression of the painting:


I like to start with the darks when I do dogs (usually).  It helps to get the easy parts down first to eliminate one color and make the whole image less intimidating.  Then I just start working up to the lightest shades.

photo 1 (93)photo 2 (98)  

photo 3 (56)


photo 2 (99)

Here I went back in with the red, it got lost.  I think I also put detail into the eyes and face features, the most important part in a portrait.

photo 3 (57)

And here’s the original photo.  This friend has requested quite a few, but she always sends me the best photos!  Getting the right photos for dog portraits is really tricky.  Hopefully I can make all the rest work, stay tuned!



You are missed Kramer dear.



Christmas Portraits


Oh man guys, a friend of mine requested this portrait ages ago.  Feels good to have finally sat down to do it!  I had to work from a couple pictures for this one, getting the right photos for dog portraits is very tricky.  And because this isn’t a surprise I thought it safe to post and prove that I did suck it up and paint today.  Phew.

Drawing practice.






“And without fail, draw something every day.”  -Cennino Cennini in Painters on Painting.

So it’s not a painting, though I am looking forward to maybe getting some done this weekend.  This is a drawing of my shoes in a pile, it was our task for drawing with my ‘student’ yesterday.  I was encouraged when she said, “I would have been totally intimidated if I had to draw this alone at home.”  Simply sitting in the room drawing with her, and granted explaining how to attack it, gave her confidence.  Everybody can art. : )

And yes, I only draw in pen.  I crossword in pen too. ::wink::

111 Tulips in November


Art lessons today!  Glad I felt up to it because painting with friends while it’s snowing is a wonderful thing.  They’re working on a vase of flowers and I painted my tulips as a demo to show them how to 1. paint glass without being intimidated, and 2. how to paint water and stems in glass.

This one was fun to paint, but I feel like it’s missing the ‘umph’.  Maybe someone else will disagree. : )

109 Brave Little Red



Sorry to those who were hoping for more of the electronics project, but I had a request for more peppers, and well, I like how these turned out!

More from my friend’s garden.  I have much more success with the jalapenos than the habaneros, I think it’s the wrinkles : ).  Anyways, this one was just fun.  I made the pepper colors before hand, but concocted the shadow colors all together at the end.

Still feeling under the weather most days, but I’ll try to get better this week.  Just had to push through another drought of not-wanting-to-paint.  It happens.

Christmas Commissions


I admit.  I had Christmas music playing while I cooked dinner last night.  Just an update:  Getting those Christmas commissions started early!  Feeling better about the pile already.

108 MSF No.3



I’m posting three paintings today to make up for my lack of presence the last couple days.  Still under the weather.  But read a couple posts ago to understand the current project, this one is more obvious, I hope.  It’s a little circuit board!  Not terribly impressed with this one but I might try again in the future because it would be fun to fill the office with lots of these : ).

106 Meliora Still Life No.1



Don’t recognize these?  I don’t blame you.  This is my newest project; my husband just started a new company with the other engineers at work after their previous employer closed the doors on that business.  They recently moved into their new building and all the wives agree…it needs color on the walls. : ).  Enter the artist.

There was a box of discarded electrical equipment near the door when I was visiting the other day and I asked some of the guys to give me pieces that would be easily recognizable to engineers that visit and told them I would make some still lifes for them.  My hope is to do a bunch of little ones to line a hallway or two, then one big one with all the objects to hang as you walk in.

I hope I make it all the way through!  It’s a nice change from fruit.