Before and After – Kitchen


So, I know this is my painting blog, and I wish I could post another painting I’ve finished today, but honestly, I don’t see me painting for a little while longer as we settle in.

BUT! I do have a fun before and after picture from our new fixer-upper house!  We moved in yesterday, among towers of boxes and a half-tiled bathroom, but are very thankful for all the progress we did make over the last 3 weeks.

Here’s the before kitchen:

photo 1 (75)

Here’s the after! (the newly painted floor mostly):

photo 2 (80)

Since then I’ve added a coppery backsplash.  The above cupboards are also a lighter green.  Maybe I’ll take better photos and post them all.

Until I paint again, enjoy these pics. : )



I had time to work on a large one!  I wish I had a happier title for it though : ).  I’ve been really inspired lately by big pieces that are really bold and loose, but simple in composition.  So I piled that together with the red, turquoise, white color combo I’m in love with lately and voila!

Exiled | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 24x48in | $280

Exiled | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 24x48in | SOLD

78 Team Captain



As the house project wrap up (at least the crucial, before-we-move-in ones) I decided to not leave the house today until I painted something.  I am actually quite inspired to paint a bigger piece today too, but I got a call from a friend in need….we’ll see if the inspiration hangs around later today.

I had to scrounge for what few things I have left to make still lifes out of around here, it’s looking pretty sparce.  I enjoy the nice tension between the warm and cool feeling in this painting, the strawberries barely stand out over the dark orange paper.  The glass has a hovering look again, might need to go ground it.

Inspirational Idea


Bah!  It’s been 4 days since I’ve painted a canvas, I hate when I do that.  We move into the house this Saturday so we’re wrapping up a few important projects over there.  But here’s something I thought might be fun.  My artist friends Scott and Molly Freeman gave me a tour of their studio once and told me to surround myself with things that inspire me.  They had pictures, both photos and magazine pages, anything, taped all over the walls.  There were bookshelves of items they would grab in the street or buy at a thrift store, piled neatly.  It was awesome!

So for my studio at home, my husband put hooks in the wall and tied wire to them so I could hang images all over the walls, but change them out whenever I pleased.  Here’s a photo:

Studio at the apartment

Studio at the apartment

I highly recommend any artist doing this.  As you go through your day, recognize when something touches you, and if possible, take it. : ).  My wall is covered in Food Network magazine photos (I love painting food) and drawings I liked, and color schemes that hit me…anything.

Have fun with it.

76 Reigning Tomato


I’m in the middle of teaching myself some lessons about using color, with the help of my pen-pal mentor of course, would this be considered an analogous color scheme?! (using colors that are right next to each other on the color wheel.)

color-wheel Red, purple and blue?  I guess I skipped over the tertiary colors in between them.  Oh well.  I just love red and purple together for some reason!  There are things I like about this painting ::ahem:: (the scissors), and there are things I don’t enjoy….as usual. : ) Maybe this means the scissors will make another appearance soon.

On another note, I sold this gem to a sweet 10 yr old from Texas yesterday.  She saw my art hanging at Big Al’s and had to have it.  Atta girl!  I was inspired by her inspiration, maybe I’ll keep painting. ::wink::

Grease Lightning | Re-purposed House Paint | 12x12in | $36

Grease Lightning | Re-purposed House Paint | 12x12in | SOLD

75 Best in Glass


$20 USD

I just had to do another one of these from yesterday!  I like the spacing and composition of this one better, more crisp white and darker darks.  Mmmmm, these colors!

74 Can You See Me Now?


$20 USD

Haven’t been to the new house today at all yet!  Wahoo!  Although I’m headed there next….But here’s what I got to do in the studio today : ).  I mentioned before about going to the art fair in Minneapolis, well, there was this artist there who used the color combo of red turquoise and white often in his work.  I’ve been inspired ever since and wanted to try it out today.  I did two today, but you’ll get the other tomorrow.  I kind of wish I would have left more red showing through, something to work on.  But aren’t these colors wonderful!?  Also, thanks to my mom, this big turquoise vase is new.  Yippee!

Just for fun


Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted!  But you wouldn’t believe the progress we’ve made on the house.  I’m trying to give myself some grace on the daily painting…It’ll be back I promise.

For now, here’s something I whipped up at work for the new school year coming up.  The only way to really see the business is if we paint something bright!  The windows are so black it’s hard to see our coffee shop, so each changing of the season we (i) put something new on the windows.  Thought this was clever…

Where CSU fuels up!

Where CSU fuels up!

Camera Shy



I took the day off from the house, and stayed home to paint a little.  I haven’t quite felt the groove so much as before we left for Minnesota, but I also haven’t devoted the time like I used to.  I did a small 6x8in painting for today, but after looking at it again, I’m not so proud of it.  (A humble reminder).  But here’s a 12×12 in I put the finishing touches on.  It’s the same vase and pose from a larger piece I painted with my friend L.  I loved this part of the painting so much I put it by itself.

We met one of our new neighbors a few days ago.  Roger.  He has two pet geese….look forward to seeing those in paintings. : )

What I’m working on


Whoops, missed a day!  But I painted yesterday I swear….the ceilings of our new home : ).  But seriously, I did get a chance to work a little on a larger painting I’d like to finish this week.  Here’s a photo;

Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel

This is from when we were in Estes Park.  We took a tour of the Stanley Hotel, ya know, the one from The Shinning, ::wink::  Anyways, I thought this view of the veranda was so wonderful, so it became a painting.  I have only the basic colors so far, hopefully it’ll look nice and loose when it comes together.

Here’s what I did yesterday:

photo 1 (68)

Ha!  We bought an old house, so there’s always the fear of lead paint when we’re sanding walls.  I’ve been the plaster queen lately too.  My husband ripped down a wall and it’s so close to being put back together!  Thanks for all the support from everyone.

72 Lighting the Light



Here are those lightbulbs I mentioned last post.  I only had 2 clear ones and the set up just felt incomplete, so I added a white opaque lightbulb I had from home.  The white one wasn’t as fun to paint, but it was challenging painting something white; TIP- remember you need the whitest part to be the shine, so make sure the rest of the object is a value shade darker so the reflection will still pop!

Not gonna lie, after I uploaded the image I noticed the lowest bulb on the canvas’ shadow wasn’t painted quite right, it looked like the bulb was hovering over the ground.  So I went back and touched it up.  Not everything comes out perfectly the first time, good reminder.

Here’s a little light for your Sunday!

And here’s a shot from my current show at Mugs Coffee Lounge:  The little ones are going fast!

photo (80)

71 Crowded -SOLD


I had 45 minutes to paint in the studio today and I managed to crank out something I liked!  I recently discovered my husband likes radishes on his salads, so I thought -perfect!- something to paint and eat that’s new and interesting.  I think I’ll have some bigger chunks of time coming up here soon to work on the larger pieces I have swimming around in my head, but I’m glad the ones I have squeezed in have worked out.

My favorite part; how the shadow turns red-purple directly under the radishes.  Yum.

In our second Home Depot run of the day I snagged a few clear light bulbs to try painting.  Another way to paint glass that’s a bit different, so look forward to that!

Here’s a shot from our progress on the house today!: A friend came over and showed us how to put up a header so we could support the ceiling and still knock out an ugly wall.

photo 2 (69)

Up Town Art Fair : Minneapolis, MN


We made so much progress (again) today on the house!  I feel so good, but my body is not wanting to work any more.  So for today’s post I thought I’d introduce you to a few fabulous artists I discovered at the Minneapolis Art Fair last weekend while we were in Minnesota.  A little culture for us all…

Jessie Marianello does animal portraits!  Her booth was so fun.

Rick Wright is mostly figures, but BEAUTIFUL colors and movement. He was my husband’s favorite.

Amanda Barr is a ceramics artist.  If her mugs would have been cheaper I would have bought one of each design!

Jerry Brem Gah!  He has such a fun, free style. I could learn something from him.

Bekah Ash reminded me of local Fort Collins artist Wildrose Hamilton….check her out also, I went to college with her.

Amanda Murphy does this awesome photography where she sets up children’s toys in fun scenes.  I was SUPER inspired.

Ben Schuh was probably my favorite.  If I had more $ I would have brought something of his home for sure!

Enjoy looking around their galleries!  Hopefully I’ll be up and running again tomorrow.

70 Afternoon Tea No.1


I’m back!  In the studio that is.  So, I admit (but don’t advise this), I painted this one from my head.  I did the top of a tea cup on the top of my transformer box and thought it looked so cool I wanted to try it again in my studio.  I was kind of crunched for time so I didn’t brew any tea, maybe next time I will and we’ll see which looks better.  But ahhh, does it feel good to paint again!  I have a few ideas for some larger ones, hopefully I find time to do them.  The house is so distracting ::wink::

About the house…We made HUGE progress yesterday!  Ripped up the carpet, knocked down part of a wall, cut away over-grown bushes.  We are sore, and thankful.

photo (76)

A little shot of husband ripping through the wall.

69 Make a Wish



I painted this one the day we were leaving for MN.  The new challenge had popped up on the Daily Paint Works website and I just had to try it, get one last painting in before I knew I wouldn’t be able to paint for a week. (It’s hard getting back in the habit though.)  Candle light was definitely a challenge, but I just broke it all down into shapes and went for it.  I think painting is all about changing the way you SEE things.  It can be intimidating approaching a new blank canvas, but really looking at your subject and breaking it down into shapes makes it a bit less scary.

On another note; WE BUY A HOUSE TODAY!  So I’ll probably by over there all day starting projects.  I might be able to paint tonight, but if not, hopefully tomorrow after work.  I could see the house being so exciting and my mind filling up with things to do over there, but I’ll try really hard to stay in the studio too.

Finished the Transformer Cabinet ! (APP program)


It’s all done folks.  Here’s a visual tour of the Transformer Cabinet!  Go check it out on the corner of Olive and College behind Perkins. (you can click the images for a larger view)

photo 4 (19) West facing side


photo 3 (39) photo 2 (67)

South facing sides.

photo 4 (18) photo 3 (38)

East facing side.

photo 1 (62) photo 2 (66)

Top views.

Here’s the link to the other artists painting cabinets this summer too.  Click me.

We are back in Colorado now!  And feeling super inspired for some painting.  Get excited to see what comes.


68 Moose for the Cabin N/A


So, this one isn’t for sale for a few reasons; I gave it to my dad for all his hard work on the cabin up in Minnesota.  And also, I was inspired by another daily painter on the DPW site, Kat Corrigan, and loved her style so much I did one very similar to her work.  Therefore, I didn’t feel right about posting it for selling.  It was super fun looking through moose pictures on Morgue File, I might just have to actually paint one and see how my style looks.  But, enjoy!  And isn’t Kat great!

67 Duckling Gossip



Leaving the lake today, then the wedding fun starts to happen!  So I thought I’d post before the chaos and running around begins.  Here’s another one of my sister’s ducklings.  They’re actually up here at the lake with us this week, and they’re not ducklings anymore.  My first day home I held one and it scratched up my arm…hopefully I can hide that with the bouquet as I’m walking down the aisle. : ).

This painting just fell off my brush.  I enjoyed painting that beautiful blue between the duck’s faces.  And mixing the colors were fun too.  Lately I’ve been making all the colors I might need on the palette so that I can have a different color every brush stroke.  The results are much more free looking.  Enjoy!