Pinecone Compromise


(8x8in on canvas panel) On hold for the holiday show at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

I didn’t have as much fun with the pinecones so I did this little compromise painting – and added an ornament. ::smile::  The colors are more yummy in person, the sun went down by the time I snapped a picture of this one.  I just love these silver bulbs on this light blue paper.


Winter Pine


(8x8in on canvas panel)  On Hold for a holiday show at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

I was thinking about taking a break from ornaments and trying some pine-themed paintings, turns out they’re not as easy!  I had one scrapper before I got this guy – I think I can re-work the earlier one a little and find a good thing, but since nap time is so precious I moved onto something else quickly.

Don’t Flake On Me


(11.5×11.5in on 1in deep stretched canvas)  On Hold for now.

This is the other wrapping paper I snagged the other day, I love snowflake patterns.  In fact, for Christmas I cut out loads of paper snowflakes and fill all the windows in my home…no joke.  Anyways, this was another joy to paint.  While I still might do a couple minis of the ornament series, I think I’m going to take a break for now and move onto some pine-themed paintings.  Give me a few days, maybe I’ll do some more and make them available to the public. ::smile::

Wrapping Day


(8x8in on canvas panel) On hold for now.

I bought some simple patterned wrapping paper to play with in reflections.  Man did my brain get a good exercise in trusting my eye and not just painting what I think it should look like.  It’s a great thing to practice, especially for reflections.

I’m hoping to bring a stash of holiday paintings to the gallery next week, so whatever doesn’t fit I’ll put for sale on my DailyPaintworks gallery site.  Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

I really had to trust my eye here, hoping it would make sense once I painted the stripes on the ground.  So. Fun.

Copper and Fall Fruit


(8x8in on canvas panel)  To purchase go to my DailyPaintworks gallery. 

A minor break from the Christmas ornaments tonight, but don’t worry, I’ll be back at them tomorrow!  I have some new items to include in the next couple still lifes, get excited.

I bought this pomegranate and persimmon at the grocery store this week because I’ve been admiring other artists’ paintings of these items lately and wanted to try one myself.  I’ve never painted a persimmon before but the oranges next to the yummy red-purples of the pomegranate made this palette a delight to work with.

Muted Holidays


(8x8in on canvas panel)  On hold for the holidays at the gallery.

I’m so glad these ornaments are still turning out – after this many I was fearful that I would start getting bored and that boredom would reflect in my paintings.  Phew!  Not the case.  I love how this one turned out so ‘muted’ feeling and less sparkly-Christmas feeling.  A nice addition to the collection.

I apologize that none of these holiday paintings are available yet!  Once I get a few more and can make sure the galleries are stocked for the holidays I will post what’s left!  I did buy a couple items at the grocery story today in case I need a break from the Christmas themes lately, so keep your eyes out for that.

Holiday Bulbs


Check it out at Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. (8x8in on canvas panel)

Trying to mix it up and give my eyes a break from the ornaments, though I’m still not tired of painting them yet.  I actually picked up some fun wrapping papers to use in the reflections.  Get excited.

Anyways, both my kiddo and hubby were sick Sunday.  So after putting them both down for naps I sat down and cranked out this guy.  I like that feeling of everything quiet in the house – good focus time.

Find My Art in Minneapolis


Some exciting news > today I’m preparing some art to ship it to a gallery I’ve recently partnered with.  You can now find my art at Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis and Edina, Minnesota.  My whole family still lives in Minnesota and I got a chance to visit this beautiful space when I was in town a couple weeks ago.  I am excited to start this new adventure with them.

Holiday Minis


(5x5in on wood block) Catch them at Trimble Court Artisans next month!

Oh man, I expect these to go fast and I’m excited to crank a bunch out.  Here are two silver guys – not necessarily meant to be sold together, but I thought it would be cute if they have reflections of each other in them.

Christmas Ambush


On hold for Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO. (11.5inx11.5in on repurposed stretched canvas)

Another dramatic nap time for my kiddo, but once she was downt I had time to try something larger.  I loved how the silver bulb turned out the other day so I featured those guys, plus a gold one, so the lightbulb isn’t totally outnumbered.

Also, I was thinking I would just do a simple grey ground, but once I got there it felt boring….so I added the polka dots.  ::smile::


Simply Red


On Hold for Trimble Court Artisans in Old Town Fort Collins, CO (8x8in on canvas panel)

Right after my friend came to watch me paint the scene from yesterday, my little 11 year old student came over for a lesson.  I got her excited about these Christmas bulbs and she picked the red one to try together – good choice.  She was also brave enough to try the polka dots on the ground paper!  I wish I would have taken a photo of hers, it turned out so lovely.  She has this very Henri Matisse feel about her paintings, in his paint days.

I’m hoping to do a bunch of 5×5 minis of these ornaments and light bulbs for the gallery for the holidays too, keep a look out.

The Day After Thanksgiving


On Hold (8x8in on canvas panel)

Sometime I ask my husband for help titling these paintings, and he always delivers.

If I was going to take a break from painting at all this week today would have been the day.  Sick kiddo, exhausted preggo…but a friend wanted to come watch me paint and this was the only day that worked for her – so I sucked it up.  And I’m glad, these Christmas bulbs have been a joy to paint each time, though I did struggle the longest so far today setting up a good composition.  I knew I wanted big red front and center, and the polka dots helped fill some negative space.

I actually had an art lesson with another little friend right after I finished this one and we painted just the red bulb together, so I’ll post that tomorrow.

Vintage Holidays


On Hold for Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (8x8in on canvas panel)

I wrestled between taking a nap myself today or painting again during my 2year old’s nap time and again was called by these glorious reflections.  I also need to start stocking up for the holidays at the gallery here in town – so there’s that.

The hardest part in this painting was the brightest colors in the lightbulbs.  Using the house paint that I do it’s sometimes hard to get real pure color since they’re all made with a white base.  So I did have to pull out a tube or two of my acrylics to get that bright blue and green to make sure they get the glass look.

Ornament Trio


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I was so excited about this still life I set up last night that it took so much will power not to sit down right then and paint it!  But I had other things that needed getting done.  #housewifeproblems.  I had loads of fun with this and it sold so fast I might just have to do it again.  I also have some classic Christmas lightbulbs waiting to get into a still life soon but can’t find the right composition for them yet.  Get excited.

New Reflections!


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

>Check out that reflection reflecting the reflection of the gold ball into the green ball.  Woah.

I’ve been thinking of other things to paint that aren’t my same metal pitchers, though, I’m still not tired of painting them.  Friends on Daily Paintworks have been painting Christmas ornaments and I was inspired.  So off to the thrift store I went and grabbed a whole bag of them for $1.60.  ::fistpump::

The trick is always how to simplify the reflection – because I don’t want to paint my big pregnant belly in the reflection each time.  So I squint a lot, and color block a lot.

Painting all these different reflections in different colors has been a good challenge.  I have more colors for tomorrow!

Vegetable Gems


On hold. (8x8in on canvas panel)

The red, gold and green all felt like precious gemstone colors as I was thinking through a title for this one.  Rubies, emeralds and gold – yummy words.  I’m glad I can get such yummy colors with the house paint I use, I remember wondering if it was possible to paint with acrylics and make it look like oils.  I think I’m getting close!

I’m putting a collection together for a new gallery I will be joining this month in downtown Minneapolis.  I’ll post more about it when I get things organized.

Leafy Admirers


On hold for the gallery (8x8in on canvas panel)

I just can’t get enough of these reflections.  I love grabbing new items and seeing how the vases stretch and distort the reflection.  I did buy a new “gold” vase last week, but was afraid to paint something unfamiliar today as it’s my first day back in the studio after traveling – I’ve learned my lesson there.  But keep your eyes open for that guy!

Lovely Yellows


On hold for the gallery. (8x8in on canvas panel)

This was the painting from an art lesson I did last week, but just wasn’t satisfied with it.  So I began simply after traveling for a few days my first time touching a paintbrush again in the studio was to just adjust this guy.  He needed a focal point and some brighter yellows.

There are no leaves on the trees around here anymore, but last week there were the most beautiful yellows and blue sky popping through them – I saved some photos for later.

Pear Demo


On Hold (8x8in on canvas panel)

This morning I got to spend time in a high school classroom!  A friend of mine is a high school art teacher and has been trying to set up a time for me to come do some painting for his class – and today was the day!  It. Was. A. Blast.  I spent about 15 minutes telling them about myself and how I got started, and the process I use when starting a painting.  Then got right into painting a still life in front of them.  Terrifying I know – but my hope to inspire out weights my fear of people watching me paint…usually.  These kids were so great, they asked the best questions and were so encouraging.  At one point my teacher friend asked them what they thought of how I was painting and hearing it in their words was so helpful for me.  Wish I would have recorded it.

Unconventional Friendship


 $65.00 USD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I’m mentally prepping for a painting demonstration I’ll be doing for a high school class tomorrow – I knew I wanted to do this metal pitcher, I just think metal can be a scary thing to want to paint so I want to show them how to break it down.  But I haven’t decided what to reflect in it yet.  Lately it’s been a lot of round objects so I thought I would try some new shapes today.

This is one of those paintings I wish I had “photoshop” for – I noticed none of my objects are touching the edge and I really like a broken edge, wish I could just zoom in and re-crop.

Waiting on the Irises


On Hold (18x24in on stretched canvas)

I made myself some green tea and finished this guy today!  Standing for this preggo is getting less appealing these days, and I definitely wanted to be standing while painting this one – it’s so important to step back often when painting from life and covering lots of canvas.

The irises were actually blooming when I woke up this morning – as opposed to yesterday when I bought them and they were all closed.  That’s when we decided to call this still life ‘waiting on the irises.’  Alas, I just studied their colors and carried on, pretending they were still closed.  Though, I did take lots of photos of this bouquet all blooming today to reference in the future, even though irises may not be so appealing in October > I paint what I want to paint.

Irises Again


A friend was coming over to paint with me today and one of our favorite things to paint is giant bouquets of flowers and just freely throw paint on the canvas and see how things progress.  So I went to pick out some flowers and ended up getting a bouquet very similar to one we painted a couple years ago – it was one of my favorite paintings and I remember it being a lot of fun so I went for it.

Here are some progress shots from today – need one more session to finish it I bet.

And here’s the similar bouquet from last year.

The Fairest Pearest


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Yesterday I decided to paint something I wanted to paint, and just for fun.  No commissions, no requests, and it was glorious.  I was craving this metal pitcher again so that was easy then I just grabbed some produce I had and went for it.  I felt free and comfortable.  And, it turned out well – all in all a great painting day.

My daughter even woke up before I finished but we got out her new favorite toy and she played while I completed it, without asking for me to play with her.  What!?

Sunflower Shadows


On Hold (10x10in on canvas panel)

I kept these sunflowers out for a lesson today and we created the greatest shadows with them this afternoon!  My lessons with these kiddos are becoming less and less lesson and more just hanging out and painting.  So cool.  She had a very Eric Carle vibe going today.

Next Wednesday I’m heading to a high school in town to do a demo for a friend’s class – yikes!  How cool though these guys get to watch an artist paint in their art class, I would have LOVED that in high school.  I’m nervous, but I just keep reminding myself to just do what I do naturally.  The desire to pass on a skill is bigger than the fear I have of painting in public.

Sunflowers From Nancy


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (10x20in on repurposed stretched canvas)

My mother in law brought me some fresh sunflowers yesterday!  We’ve been teaching my 2 year old everybody’s name lately, so when she walked in my daughter says, “it’s Nancy!”  I cracked up, and now can’t think of anything else to call this.

I invited a friend over to paint giant bouquets with me (our shared favorite subject) this week; maybe I was doing a little practice for that.

Pink Copper Pumpkin


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I had one more request for the copper and pumpkin – and I’m okay with that.  These subjects have been so much fun to paint!  My mother in law dropped off a large bouquet of sunflowers today though so I might have to shift gears and do those next!  Maybe if I start complaining about my lack of apple pie in the house someone will drop that off next…..maybe. ::wink::

Tricycle Shadows


Tricycle Shadows (5x5in on wood block)

My friend L came over today in need of some inspiration and re-excitement about painting.  I’m glad people reach out in times like this, apathy as an artist is a scary emotion.  Anyways, she brought her plein aire easel over and we set up in my front yard ( I had to stay in baby monitor range after all) but luckily we found some good compositions to paint there.

We did my daughter’s trike for a warm up, then switched over to my neighbor’s colorful trees and swing.  Overall, lots of encouragement and excitement happened.

(8x8in on canvas panel)

Copper Harvest


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I got a request for copper, pumpkin, and sunflowers among all my fall paintings this week.  But my sunflowers are biting the dust….so I did them anyways, and I think it works.

Fall Colors


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (8x8in on canvas panel)

For an art lesson today I told my friend we would be painting the Fall colors this week hoping we could look out the window at the neighbors trees and do sort of a landscape.  But on my walk to the library today my daughter and I collected all these vibrant leaves on the sidewalk, so we made a still life instead.  It turned out better than I thought it would, though I think I’ll try again on a more neutral background next time.  I especially love the glowy shadows under each leaf.