Wasteland Fruit


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) SOLD

Today I was thinking ahead to a Valentine’s show I was asked to participate in – so I saved a couple reference photos, but after putting the babe to bed for nap I came back and wasn’t super excited about any of them for today.  I still have this lovely branch and a few grapes left (after snacking on a couple) so I used them again.  This is super similar to the painting I did the other day, but there’s just something about this metal pitcher and the eucalyptus branch that I just love.  And I wanted another go at the grape bunch too.

Maybe I’ll be excited about Valentine’s stuff tomorrow.

Grape Caper


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) For Sale in my DailyPaintWorks gallery.

I tried something new again today.  I’ve always loved the shapes this octopus toy has, and I went to the grocery store this morning so my produce stash is back on point.  I dunno, just played today.  Once I finished initially there were no stripes and the composition felt really off – I had to do something.


Back to the Basics


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) SOLD

Ugh, guys.  I tried painting some more animals today, a pixabay photo of turtles I’ve kept in the ‘paint someday’ pile.  The whole time setting up I felt like I had no vision on how to approach the painting so I should have known it wouldn’t work out.  Alas, this I started over and pulled out some familiar items and am much happier.  Phew.

Flamingo Gang


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) For Sale in my DailyPaintworks gallery.

I took a break from still lifes yesterday to paint some animals.  My daughter and I went to the library and got some pretty inspiringly illustrated animal stories – I just wasn’t feeling like painting the usual subjects.  It’s fun to mix it up.

I was afraid all the heads gathered together wouldn’t read well, but I think it worked out.  All those red-oranges and shadows in the white were so fun to make – such a yummy palette.

Exceptional Distortion


(12x12in acrylic on 1in stretched canvas) For Sale in my DailyPaintWorks gallery.

I didn’t think all these details would fit into an 8×8 so I grabbed a little larger canvas today.  I recently got my art back from a show here in town and ended up chatting about my All That Glass piece – and I was inspired to play with that glass vase and the stripes again.   I absolutely love painting strong patterns through glass, they make such excellent distortions.  And I need to learn the name of this leafy branch, it creates some great shapes where ever I put him.

Lazy Light Bulbs


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) For sale in my DailyPaintWorks gallery.

This color palette is yummy > light pink, soft greens and white.  Maybe I’m channeling this little girl in my belly with these colors.  I kept the light bulbs out from yesterday and invited some new players into the mix today.  It took me a while to warm up to the final result, I let my 2 year old play around the house since she’s a mellow gal – but every now and then she would come into the studio and want to touch the still life.  So the painting session wasn’t as calm and enjoyable as usual > but I do love that girl.

Lightbulb Party


(8x8in acrylic on canvas panel) For Sale in my Dailypaintworks Gallery.

Struggled a little to find something exciting to paint today.  And then struggled a little making the values work here.  I knew this day was coming, but I’m still thankful for the chance to throw paint around this afternoon.

I especially emphasized the orange bits in the filaments – doesn’t all that teal just make you crave some orange?

A Few from the Holidays


We were fortunate to spend 2 full weeks in the midwest with my family this holiday season and fully soaked up the vacation.  Though, I never manage to spend that much time away from playing with paint – and my mom graciously supplied me with canvases and paint for me to use while at her house.  Here’s what I managed to create:

These are some copper balls on a wreathe above the dining table at my parent’s house.  Might have to pick some up for myself and try again with familiar materials.


I gave poinsettias a try.


We all ended up road tripping to Des Moines, Iowa for a conference with our church while away.  The drive down was during a bit of snow and the colors along the highway were so inspiring.  I played with that color palette when we got back.


Winter Snack


(8x8in on canvas panel) SOLD

My first official painting of the new year!  I did a couple while spending time with family over the holidays, I’ll post those next.

My daughter has been so intrigued by pomegranates lately so I’ve been cutting them up for her and letting her play with them.  But each time I open one up I’m reminded of their breathtaking colors!  So, I had to paint one.  After extended breaks from painting I usually pick something easy or familiar to start with to kind of, brush off the rust.  I figured fruit was safe, though I don’t know that I’ve painted a pomegranate for years.

Looking forward to popping into the gallery and seeing how supplies are. December was good to us, thank you Jesus.


Sunshine in the Winter


(8x8in on canvas panel)  SOLD

I had these sunflowers left over from a commission for Christmas, and they turned out so creamy and delicious for the commission I wanted to try them again.

I brought over the last of my stash for the local gallery and ended up selling this guy today!  Fresh off the easel.  Enjoy!

Holiday Berry Minis


(5x5in on wood block)

I also did a couple of these berry minis.  Each year I pull them out with my holiday decorations and get re-inspired to paint them.  I especially enjoy the swipes of wet paint that get pulled around.  I’m usually drawn to circles, branches and negative space – which I find in lots of the dried up bushes this time of year.

These will also be for sale at Trimble Court in Old Town Fort Collins.

Wrapping Day No.2


(8x8in on canvas panel)  For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

My husband and I were looking through all the holiday paintings on my DailyPaintworks gallery and deciding our favorites.  My favorite was the other striped wrapping paper and ornament one, so with my painting time today I tried another.  I really have fun with the pattern reflection challenges, I love the drastic distortions.

Need a challenge to trust your eye?  Try stripes reflected on a round surface.  Paint what you see, and not what you think you see. ::wink::

Holiday Commission


(16x20in on stretched canvas)

Finishing up the last of the holiday commissions this week!  I didnt’ take on too many this year, but I can never say no to family and friends ::smile::  Check out this cool progression:

Holiday Minis


(5x5in on wood block)

I did them all during the same nap time, but challenged myself with 4 different bulb colors!  These are so fun to make.  I’m keeping these for myself to give out as gifts, that’s allowed right?

Royal Holiday


(8x8in on canvas panel)  For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

Don’t the colors purple, gold and white just feel royal?  I was hesitant to use white as the ground color in fear that the painting would feel colorless – but I tend to emphasize the colors when I paint white things, and I was seeing so many colors in this white.  I used a size 10 flathead the whole time (minus the reflection details) but I feel like that helped me to stay really loose here.  This is one of those paintings I wish I could keep for myself.

Here are some progress shots because it was so fun watching this come together:

Ornament Sandwhich


(8x8in on canvas panel) For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

I’ve been playing with the idea of doing ornaments in a line on the horizon, so I set it up for our art lesson today.  My young student thought we should pull one forward a little to make it more interesting – so I didn’t get my full dream, but I think it turned out pretty good.  Her’s is looking awesome too!  I’ll have to take a picture when she’s finished next week.

Christmas Thinker


(8x8in on canvas panel)  Find this guy at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

Thank you for all the local support!  The gallery has some major gaps and I’m working on filling them back up.  I tried a new character in the ornament scenes with this angel figure.  I’ve painted him before and I love painting white things, though he’s always a challenge.

Under the Mistletoe


(8x8in on canvas panel) $85USD

We went on a hunt for a Christmas tree this morning with our neighbor friends.  While out searching, my neighbor picked up this sweet little branch with a berry on it and I was inspired!  So today during nap time I painted a mistletoe mini, and then this guy.  I love painting berries at Christmas time, picking up all the subtle highlights and low lights and then making them look like balls with all those colors in them!

(5x5in on wood board) $40USD

And here’s my favorite picture of the day>

Winter Tulips


(8x10in on canvas panel) $90USD

Oh man guys, this third trimester is finally setting in and I’m choosing naps over painting more and more.  But yesterday I just wanted to paint SOMETHING.  My tulip bouquet was beginning to wilt and I wanted to paint them once more before they die for good, but I couldn’t get anything to work.  After breaking another head off I gave up and grabbed the little pitcher from the day before and used him again.  Plus an ornament, ’cause why not.

Second Day Tulips


(8x8in on canvas panel) For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

Had a friend join me in the studio for painting today – last time she came I did holiday ornaments so today I thought I’d pull the tulips out again.  I haven’t painted this white vase for a LONG time so I was a bit nervous to throw it in the still life today.  Painting white things is actually so fun, watching it grow and seeing all the colors I find in it that make it read ‘white’.  And that yummy yellow background, I really enjoyed painting this today.

A New Addition


(8x8in on canvas panel) For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

I bought these glass ornaments to craft with my daughter for Christmas, and while making them yesterday I thought – ‘I could add this to a still life!’ So I saved one and tried it out today.  I love how it adds another circle and another dimension with it’s clarity.

I also did some christmas light minis yesterday as an art lesson.

These paintings are available today but if they’re still in my studio by Friday I’m bringing them to Trimble Court Artisans to fill space for First Friday that evening.  Enjoy!


Tulips in November


(8x8in on canvas panel)  For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

Another brief break from the holiday paintings – I couldn’t resist these tulips at the grocery store today.  I love painting tulips in all phases; not open, blooming strong, and wilting.  Let’s see if I can manage to get a couple more of these guys painted this week among all the Christmas baubles.


Holiday Paintings are Available!


Setting up the holiday show at Trimble Court early tomorrow morning! (Nov. 24th)  Go check them out.

More to come.

I also made the ones I replaced from the gallery available again, so look for those on the DailyPaintworks gallery too.

Happy Gatherings


(8x8in on canvas panel) For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans for the holidays.

I’m seriously considering just painting these Christmas themes all year – Christmas in July as a friend called it today.  There are endless possibilities for these lovely circles across the canvas, I love painting circles.

A local artist friend came over and took home both of my paintings with the ornament/lightbulb combo, so I thought I would work on some more of those until I bring the collection to the gallery Thursday.  I am humbled by all your compliments and social media support about this collection, thank you all!

More Holiday Minis


(5x5in on wood block) For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans for the holidays.

It’s finally here!  I’ll be bringing the whole collection to Trimble Court later this week – look for them after Thanksgiving.

I whipped up a few more minis – because I kept one for myself – and these guys go so quick at the gallery.  I really enjoy staying extra loose and bold with these small ones.  And I’m so drawn to the light blue / turquoise color combo.  But maybe for the next batch I’ll try something different.

This pine branch one was something I threw out at the end since my kiddo had just fallen asleep, but I think I might explore it more on a larger scale if I still feel like it tomorrow.

Pinecone Compromise


(8x8in on canvas panel) On hold for the holiday show at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

I didn’t have as much fun with the pinecones so I did this little compromise painting – and added an ornament. ::smile::  The colors are more yummy in person, the sun went down by the time I snapped a picture of this one.  I just love these silver bulbs on this light blue paper.