Sketching Something Different


Sometimes a Bible verse puts a picture in my head and then I’ll try to paint it.  It rarely works out, but since it has been a while since I’ve painted something (again!) I thought I would just roll with my latest verse inspiration.  Here’s the verse:

“God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray.”  Psalm 34:7 (The Message)

A bit literal I admit, and I don’t so much love the outcome of my sketching.  But hey!  Chalk it up as practice.  I think I’ll stick to still lifes.

Stop and Stare


 $40.00 USD (9.25x11in on Wood)

The day got a little mixed up with appointments changing, but I got home and still had an hour and a half left of baby’s nap.  I ran around the house praying for inspiration and grabbing items and threw this still life together as quick as I could because I had that feeling where if I don’t paint today I’ll lose all my skills.  It’s an artist thing.  I’m really pleased with the result, and can now breathe easy.  I can still paint.

Prints for Sale


Due to a missunderstanding I now have two of these original Orange Lace prints available.  Click the button or message me for details.

 $20.00 USD (9x12in on Watercolor Paper) Print No.1

 $20.00 USD (9x12in on Watercolor Paper) Print No.2

Transformer cabinet No.2


Wow, it’s a week into September already!?  This month is really busy for us, but I did manage to get to the second cabinet and throw some color on it to feel like I did something.

My parents come to town this weekend to see a concert with us.  Maybe I’ll bring them by to watch the baby while I work.  Hooray grandparents.  Thanks to my mother in law for staying at our place while baby slept today.

Here are some shots from today.

img_5622img_5624 img_5623

Barely There


sold (8x8in on Canvas Panel)

It’s been too long since I’ve sat down and painted something that wasn’t a commission, or a transformer cabinet, or anything with a due date.  So today I scheduled nothing during baby’s nap except painting…and maybe baking.  I typed “creature” warily into morguefile‘s search engine (I have a piece due for another project that might fit this category so I thought I’d start there) and scrolled till something might look inspiring.  This is dangerous because I can sometimes get lost scrolling and then lose all enthusiasm to want to paint, but alas.  This lizard photo popped up and I gave it a whirl.  I enjoyed all the light purples and had fun emphasizing the blues, greens, pinks and oranges.  The photo did that cool thing where the head was all in focus and the rest of the body was blurry- a tricky thing to establish in a painting, and something I can always get better at; but there it is.

Next week I’m doing a fun abstract lesson as the final project with my 3 kiddos I’ve had all summer.  I had globs of paint left over from this lizard so I threw it on a canvas to maybe prep it for that lesson.  Always a good exercise if you don’t want to paint but feel like you should – just throw paint on something.  Most of my favorite pieces come from happy mistakes.

Heart for Old Town


(36x48in on stretched canvas)

NFS (yet)

My church’s building has a big wall they are hoping to fill with a painting of a view of Old Town (Fort Collins).  I started this early last month, just throwing paint on for fun and then lost interest.  But recently I showed it to the friend who asked for it and he asked when he could have it.  So I threw on some last details that would drive me crazy if I had to see them every Sunday (and days in between ::smile::), and voila!  I think we can call it a wrap.


Bubble Glass


 $35.00 USD (8x8in on Canvas Panel)

I saw these awesome set of glasses at thrift store last week and have been staring at them every time I use them.  Here’s my first attempt at capturing it.  *note: I did not drink the milk after painting it, even though I do paint quickly ::smile::

Sunflowers and Glass…Yum


Working on a couple commissions before starting my next transformer box for the summer.  These guys know how to make a painter happy – request a commission of the things I already love to paint!

The sketch for the second painting (to go with the first) turned out pretty cool.


I snapped a during picture to show you all the colors that I saw just in the SHADOWS of this sunflower petals.  It’s all about training your eyes folks.



I want to touch the second one up a bit so it matches the first better, but here’s what I’ve been doing this last week.  Among other things #momming #artlessons #mowingthelawn. ::wink::

Teaching Still Life(s)


 $35.00 USD (6x8in on Canvas Panel)

We finished the still lifes from last week in lesson yesterday.  The kiddos did great!  I wish I took a photo for you all to see their paintings, alas.  I especially love it when they are proud of what they painted. ::smile::

We covered how to paint shadows and hard / soft edges to make a painting look more dynamic and interesting.  It’s so great seeing them lock on and get it.  I hope they are less intimidated by glass now.

2016 Transformer Cabinet No.1 Done!


I’ve been excited all day to work on this box!  Today I wrapped up the final side.  My husband pointed out how cool it is that both the hippo and the rhino ‘read’ gray but are in fact a rainbow inside.  Yay color.





Here are the final images!

rhino2016 hippo2016 ostrich2016 giraffe2016 polarbear2016

Time to get Transformer No.2 started!!  Unfortunately they can’t deliver that one to my house, it will be painted on site like normal.  Come visit me there!



Giant Box in my Yard


My transformer from Friday got delivered to my house Monday morning….here it is!  Under the only big trees we have so I’ll have shade while I paint.


Worked on the ostrich side today.


I painted during baby’s nap, but got a little too crazy.  Once my husband got home we chatted through how to simplify this guy.


Here’s the end result!  Much happier with it.  Glad I didn’t paint this one in front of everyone….just my neighbors ::wink::


City Hall Live Demonstration


Here are some photos from the event!  I wish I could have taken photos with everyone I talked too, such great people live in this city.


IMG_1942IMG_6745 IMG_5450 IMG_5453 IMG_5452 IMG_5451

My little 2 year old friend helped me with the green in the lower left corner of the giraffe side.  Thanks Lucas!  Keep your eyes peeled for where it ends up in the city when it’s all done.

To finish I hear they’re delivering it to my house!!!  I kind of want to put it outside in the front yard so my neighbors can watch. ::smile::

Aging Garden


 $35.00 USD (8x8in on Canvas Panel)

I swung by the nursery this morning to stock up on some more flowers to fill some of the gaps that have expired in my pots around the house outside.  While transplanting them I was able to enjoy the maturity the other plants have taken on.  The Coleus we planted in the spring has sprouted little purple flowers and the colors were breathtaking!  I tried to capture that with paint today.

Spending the rest of nap-time getting supplies ready for the live painting demo I’ll be doing at City Hall tomorrow evening!  It’s getting real.

Teaching Glass


I had just the two girls painting yesterday in my lesson, so we got to take it slow and really analyze color mixing.  They did great!  Here’s a shot of our set up:


It is always nice teaching kids techniques for painting things because I have to put into words what goes on in my head while I paint.  They have so much extra grace on me.

Side Project


Today is my only day this week to paint in my home studio while baby sleeps, so I tried some flowers from the zoo trip we did in Minnesota….it needs some work.  But I thought I’d post a painting I’ve been working on the side that might go in my church’s building.


We have a heart for Old Town.

First Friday Parker Art is live!


We just rolled back into town yesterday morning after spending the whole last week in Minnestoa with my family.  Never long enough, but alas.

I just wanted to post more information for the live painting demo I’m a part of and the even at City Hall.

HERE’s the link for the event, and HERE‘s the map of the location.

It’s this Friday from 5-9pm.  See you there!  Hopefully I can get lots of painting done and socialize a bunch ::smile::

Live Painting!


I received some more information about the live painting demo I’ve been asked to do.  Check it out!  I get to paint two transformer boxes this summer – 1 is behind the Miramont gym on College ave., and the other will be this live painting demo during the Art in Public Places event on August 5th.  It shall be a busy summer.  But come see me August 5th, bring your kiddos!

Here’s what I’ll be painting as the demo:



Waves of Cabbage


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I have my long time art student officially addicted to painting vegetables!  Last week we did carrots, and today we tried cabbage.  I’ve only painted cabbage one time before this, but I love the puzzle/abstract/color-mush that happens with them.  I get lost in the leaves and each shadow is a different color.  My friend didn’t come close to finishing her’s today because she was studying the color so much – with kids they need to enjoy the process, so we didn’t rush today.  Such. Great. Shapes.

Save the Hydrangeas


 $235.00 USD (26x26in on Stretched Canvas)

Baby girl was sick today but I just had to paint.  We stocked up on repurposed canvases and vases last night at Goodwill and I was anxious to use them.  Unfortunately, the bouquet I picked up and arranged wasn’t inspiring when I got it home.  I was about to walk across the street and cut some of the neighbor’s hydrangeas (gasp!) then noticed this dark purple bush at the end of our sidewalk and snapped a photo.  Alas, during 2 shorter naps today I was able to complete this beauty.  I over-emphasized the colors a bit, isn’t that what being an artist is all about?

Praise Jesus for a good painting session amidst a crabby baby and interrupted swimming plans.  Now I just wish I could praise him even when I don’t paint well.  I’m always learning.

Here are a couple progression photos-

IMG_5281 IMG_5282 IMG_5285

Wild Natives


 $140.00 USD (20x20in on Stretched Canvas)

Went on a walk to visit a friend and her plein air students this morning and caught this beautiful array of color in a neighbor’s yard on the way home.  I’ve been going back and forth on painting styles/techniques, but it sure is keeping things interesting.  Today was more throw paint on the canvas and leave lids off the paint kind of day.  No palette used – easier clean up or just being lazy?  Oh well.

I really love my reference photo for this one, so I’ll definitely be doing it again.

sketching it out:


Found a frame for it too!


New Paint


SOLD (8x8in on Canvas panel)

As most of you know, I use primarily re-purposed house paint that I get for free at the landfill.  Lately, I’ve been feeling this itch to get some higher quality paint and practice my color mixing abilities and see if I could really do it / if I like the creations better.  Here is my first attempt with real acrylic paint, only using the primaries and burnt umber and white.  It took twice as long and gave me kind of a head ache, but I’m willing to keep trying.

Yesterday I was inspired by Bobbie Burgers, and her giant floral paintings.  That’s where I really feel free and alive, but I stopped doing florals for a bit because it felt cliche.  Bobbie’s don’t feel cliche at all, and I found a picture of her painting and her brushes are all gristly and frayed too!  Man, it’s funny how you can doubt everything when you feel isolated.  I just needed to know someone else feels the way I do.

20 Min Carrots


 $30.00 USD (8x8in on Canvas panel)

My art student came over today with little motivation and no ideas.  Challenge accepted.  We couldn’t paint from pictures today because my husband took the computer with him to work – so we knew it had to be a still life.  Tomorrow is grocery shopping day so my fruit/vegetable stash is abysmal – the garden to the rescue!  We pulled up 2 carrots and one of them was a lovely purple/red color, huzzah!  Her’s turned out fantastically:

carrots2 IMG_5243 IMG_5242

Playing with Faces


We’ve been working on self-portraits in the lessons with the kiddos these last two weeks, so I did a couple demos/projects while they worked.  I really like emphasizing the skin tones – do you see any periwinkle in your face? ::wink::

kirsten IMG_5225

Cherry Space


 $35.00 USD (8x10in on stretched canvas)

Having a bad painting streak lately, pretty discouraging.  I tried something simple to just keep up the practice.  They always end, but they’re still scary.

Square Eggs


 $30.00 USD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I watched Carol Marine’s latest art tutorial, “What color is White?” last night and got re-inspired to keep playing with white.  I know that with any new thing it will take multiple paintings to get right, but MAN was it challenging today.  She explains her technique so well, so I tried it.  Focusing on the values more really did help – I just need more practice making colors in the same values.  Good round 1 we’ll say.  Next time I’ll go slower and really be intentional with my brush strokes, I’m just used to painting so fast.  But spontaneous and loose doesn’t mean fast.

After pushing through the tough white challenge today I rewarded myself and went back to my comfort zone, glass.  How many people can say their comfort zone is glass?!  Thank you Jesus for making me a painter.

Comfort Zone | 12x12in on stretched canvas | Acrylic | $55

Comfort Zone | 12x12in on stretched canvas | Acrylic | $55

 $55.00 USD

Studying the shades of White


 $70.00 USD (12x16in on canvas panel)

I can’t stop thinking about white lately.  Like, white rooms with only one dark detail that helps you see the room – kind of images.  I stock imaged searched for a while until I just caved and set up a still life.  I want to try a bathroom next, just have to find the right set up.

Here’s my initial sketch, I think some things turned out better here and others in the larger version.  Good lessons learned today!


 $35.00 USD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I Know My Own and My Own Know Me


 $480.00 USD (36x36in on Repurposed Canvas)

Painting “Christian” things without being cheesy is my ultimate challenge.  There’s no rule book or guidelines, unfortunately.  And I didn’t mean for this painting to have any sort of deep, emotional meaning.  I just did it.  I wish I could say I had a giant vision for it, but I just played with color and this image till something I liked happened.

This painting has really morphed the past two days.  And as I contemplated the name for this painting I’ve been able to reflect on many things.  Why I paint, for example…biblically I create because God creates.  I reflect Him and a part of his character through the act of painting.  His canvas is Earth and everything in it, and mine is paper.  From my heart, I paint because I can’t look at art without wanting to paint something myself.  It stirs me up and makes me antsy to throw paint somewhere.  It expresses who my Creator made me to be.  Typing these things feels weird, ask me about it sometime – though I can’t promise I will be eloquent of speech then either.

Here are some of the phases this piece took:

IMG_5059 IMG_5060 mod2 mod

Enjoy!  And happy painting.