Apple Pie And Corn On The Cob


For Sale at Trimble Court in October 2017. (8x8in on canvas panel)

Doesn’t this just embody Autumn?  Harvest.  I’m still building up a Fall collection for the gallery starting next month.  Corn on the cob is hard to paint!  This is round two for me and I still struggled.  I love all the shapes the husk makes and how it casts the shadows too, that’s my jam in a painting.

Soft Coneflowers


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Guys.  I have two babies down for naps and I took the risk of painting, but I finished one!  Horray for painting quickly and loosely and thank you Jesus for the grace.

Anyways, I was in a hurry and Pixabay searched “harvest” to find this reference photo.  My goal was to keep it loose and play with soft and hard edges to keep things “in and out of focus.”  I’ve tried this sort of photo-like challenge before and failed, but today I feel like I gained a little ground in that battle.  And.  I love coneflowers in the fall.

Copper and Pumpkin


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October (8x8in on canvas panel)

Continuing with the fall themes – my daughter loves all things baby and when we saw these ‘baby’ pumpkins at the grocery store we of course had to have one.  And for $0.69 I might just go back for a bucket of them. Anyways, I told her we could paint it but I wanted to paint (a picture of) it first.  Together with my trusty copper pitcher it was a joy to paint and the colors I mixed were lovely together!  If-I-say-so-myself.  I guess when I grabbed a white pumpkin, a dark orange copper pitcher, and a blue piece of paper I didn’t immediately know I’d be mixing mossy greens, purply-teals, and glowy oranges.  So. Cool.

Also, for being a white pumpkin, I used surprisingly little white paint.  Here’s proof.

Late Summer Sedum


 $150.00 USD (16x16in on stretched canvas)

This bush called to me again.  Each season it just gets better and better.  I probably should have started with something small as I just took a few days break while my mom visited; but one – I didn’t have any more 8x8s and two- still lifes just weren’t speaking to me today.

Check out my last four seasons here.

Bought More Bulbs


 $95.00 USD (10x10in on canvas panel)

Picked up some more of these fabulous clear light bulbs yesterday and snuck away during nap time.  My mom is visiting this weekend and graciously gave me a chance to paint between baking projects and crafts.

I’m working on restocking some inventory with some fall themes, but these lightbulbs just called to me.  I had to remind myself a couple times with this painting to stay loose and keep the brush strokes confident.  Some things I wanted to improve on from the lightbulb painting from the other day.  I really like the shapes the bulbs make as they stretch across the canvas – something I always appreciate when painting glass.

Lightbulb Pair


 $65.00 USD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I was so excited about this still life set up, but when it came to painting I really struggled through!  I was striving for the effortless, bold-and-loose brush strokes, but I think I ended up playing with the shapes too much.  I’m still pleased, but I might have to try again tomorrow.

Here are some progress shots:


Treasured Pinecone


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October, 2017 (8x8in on canvas panel)

My daughter has been collecting pinecones on our walks lately – I need to remember to bring a bucket for her.  She piles them in the backyard when we get home and then play with them, assigning them Dada, Mama and Baby pinecone as she plays.  I thought a pinecone would be a good start to September.

Tonight is First Friday!  I will be at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins for the opening reception of Find Yourself(ie) – stop by if you’re out and about.  6-8pm.  If you need another stop on your gallery walk, the Community Creative Center at Carnegie Hall (near the Library) has a wonderful new exhibit of local artist Barbara McCulloch.  Check it out!

Tomato Day


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October, 2017 (8x8in on canvas panel)

I began nap time by making some marinara since our tomato haul from the garden was filling up all our buckets.  The smell of simmering tomatoes was a nice addition to my tomato still life today.  The big guy in the middle never even landed in the kitchen – as soon as I picked him I knew he had to be the star of a still life.

Reds are hard to capture.  I got a little fussy with this one, so I might play with them again soon.


Fall Abstract


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in October, 2017 (8x8in on canvas panel)

This was so much fun.  I had another photo picked out for today – in another unexpected chance to paint – but I couldn’t get excited about it.  So I searched Pixabay quickly for some fall foliage pictures.  This one was mostly blurry branches but I loved all the colors in it.  I have more plans for this photo reference in the future.  Get excited.

Completed Mural


Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our anniversary and my goal was to finish all three of my projects I had this month before our celebration so I wouldn’t be distracted.

I did it!

Here is the final look of the mural, minus a few touch ups I’m sure I will have to do.

Find Yourself(ie)


I put the mural on hold to work on another project the City asked me to participate in > the Find Yourself(ie) show at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins.  The gist is, local artists are painting interactive backdrops for people to take selfies in front of.  It sounded fun right away but the fact that they’re 9 foot x 9 foot backdrops intimidated me, especially considering the other projects I had this month.  Alas, I was convinced, and I’m glad I did because I finished mine yesterday!

I love brushstrokes, this was my favorite part.

After day 1.


The show opens September 1st with a reception from 6-8pm, be there to be the first ones with unique selfies!  The show will go the whole month of September if you can’t make it to first Friday.

2 projects done, 1 to go!

Strawberry Meet Up


 $60.00 USD (8x8in on stretched canvas)

My schedule got shifted around a little today and I ended up with some time to be in my own studio during nap time!  It’s been a couple weeks since I have painted small so it felt good to use such little paint – hah!

And my daughter walked out and saw the painting after her nap and said, “oh, nummy!”  So there’s that.

Taking a Break from the Mural


Here’s the latest update on this year’s mural progress; I’m taking a couple week break to work on another project for the city that is due the end of this month > check out the Find Yourself(ie) show at the Lincoln Center starting September 1st.

Another little helper was with me last week.  Thanks G!

What a Crab


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Um, this describes my attitude today.  Because my month is so busy with art again I get a schedule I ‘need’ to keep in my head, and if my daughter’s naps don’t line up with it I lose it.  I have some repenting to do when she wakes up today.

Nevertheless, I painted this guy while she slept this afternoon.  And I’ve been singing “shiny” from Moana in my head since I started painting.

More Mural Progress


I’m covering some major ground these days!  I was excited to get some of these clouds in because before it was a red pheonix on the orange background color – didn’t pop and the public must have been wondering what the heck I was doing.

Really pleased with the results after last night’s work.

I was also talked into participating in the upcoming show at the Lincoln Center – Find Your(selfie) – artists will paint 9foot by 9foot backdrops with scenery that will allow brilliant selfie taking.  I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to do it since I have so many big projects already this month, but alas, I guess I’m squeezing it in!  Wish me luck.  Come check that show out the month of September in the gallery at the Lincoln Center, or the opening reception First Friday September 1st 5-7pm.

Giant Space Chicken


(4ftx4ft on gallery stretched canvas)

I have to admit, I never thought this would be the title of one of my paintings.  Ha!  I’m glad I practiced this one before the large guy because this project just fell off my brush – I had to go ask my husband if it looked okay because it was so easy I thought surely I did something wrong.

If you’re a local you can check this guy out in person in the new restaurant taking the place of Enzio’s downtown at the end of the month.  Local artists Allie Ogg will also have some of her art there as well, what a treat!

Mural Progress


As mentioned in previous posts I’m working with the Art in Public Places program on this mural in downtown Fort Collins.  So far I have visited 3 times and got lots done!  Here are some progress shots:

Initial sketches


Day 2:

Day 3:

Close Up shot: (plus, I think if you click on any image it should zoom in….I hope)


I’m having a blast working on this, and Jesus has given me some really great weather and execution help.



Tall Lilies


(8x20in on stretched canvas)

The pods have all opened in this bunch so I squeezed one last round out of them on this tall skinny canvas I grabbed at the thrift store this week.  The gallery needs some orange so I think I’ll save this one for that space, but feel free to inquire about purchasing – you might catch it before it makes it to the gallery.

(Trimble Court Artisans, Gallery)

The Mural I’ll be Painting


As mentioned briefly in the previous post, I’ll be starting the mural this week!  Here are some shots of the space.  Another artist, Todd Kundla, and I collaborated.  He did the sculpture part on the other side and it turned out AWESOME!  Here are some shots of the whole space:

The mural will be in the parking lot on Remington and Olive, I’ll post via Facebook and Instagram (teddiparkerart) when I’ll be out there working – I would love visitors.

Here’s the plans for the mural:

Stocking Up, and some big news!


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO.

(12x12in on stretched canvas)

I got a new glass bowl at the thrift store last week and thought I’d try another Carol Marine idea.  We only had these neon colored water balloons though, so it made it tricky.  I did have a lot of fun ‘suggesting’ those not-blown-up balloons in the bottom left corner, maybe I should do a small painting with just those?  A nice thing about water balloons is they’ll never go rotten.  I have a few more ideas I’d like to try.

This week might be my last week for personal painting.  I have two fun projects coming up for the city.  The first is a mural that has been in the works for months and is finally getting primed this Friday!

The second is a new restaurant in town has commissioned me and another artist to do some art for their walls!  I was just told the sizes and subjects they want today and one of them is 4 feet by 4 feet!  I’ll have to practice going big again, the mural will help.  ::wink::

I’m excited for both of these, but they will take some time and focus.  I’ll post when I can, but this momma might be pooped by the end of the day.

Water Balloons No.1


 $60.00 USD (8x8in on canvas panel)

As I was setting up this still life I popped one of the balloons!  I think my studio can handle it, the water fell mostly on a rug… oh well.  I bought some water balloons initially because I was remembering Carol Marine’s water balloon paintings from her blog and wanted to try.  Though, I introduced my 2 year old daughter to them this week and I think my hands will permanently smell like balloons.  So glad she loves them though.

Anyways, the light pastels of the balloons when they’re full threw me off – but I think I captured what I wanted.

Lilies for a Friend


(11.5inx11.5in on 1in deep repurposed canvas)

The Lilies from yesterday sold so quickly – later that day I ran into a friend of mine who asked me to keep her in mind the next time I do orange lilies because she’d take it.  Orange lilies remind her of her mother who recently passed away.

So how could I not immediately return to the studio and make her one?


Consider the Lilies


SOLD (12x12in on 1in deep repurposed canvas)

I bought these lilies a couple days ago at the grocery store and waited till the began to open up.  Today was the day.  They burst open so brilliantly, but I love painting the closed pods too.  Although, as I’ve said before, my favorite part to paint in a bouquet like this is the negative space.  Look at all those fun shapes – and I just take a giant brush, load it up with paint, and slop it on to create those blurry lines and yummy color blends.

I painted this so fast today I almost want to call it a ‘sketch’ and really study it again tomorrow, but other tasks might take over tomorrow’s precious nap time.

On another note:  I got an update from the city and I can begin painting my mural next week!  Locals > watch out for the walls around the garbage pickup area in the lot on Remington to turn bright orange!  That’s my cue.

Just a Peach


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

With the babe napping so well these days I went from not wanting to paint this afternoon and sleeping instead – to a quick lie down and then painting a peach!  I was under a little bit of pressure since the lilies I bought to paint next are opening up and looking great, but I wanted to do one more with these peaches before scarfing them down.


For some reason I struggled a bit more with just the one larger one, versus the two smaller ones from yesterday.  I wanted the brush strokes to show, but also wanted to make sure it looked soft and blurry like a peach.  Have you every tried painting a soft fuzzy fruit?

Now I can eat them.

Minnesota Wildflowers


(5x5in on wood block)

This is the only painting I did while visiting family where I actually got to use my new plein air easel.  There are glorious wildflowers up at my family’s lake home and my mom loves taking the granddaughters on walks to get bouquets.

Can anyone name any of these?

Colorado Peaches


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Back from a 8 day trip to visit family in Minnesota, and first time painting in the studio for over a week!  Past experiences told me I was going to be a little rusty, but the fear lessens more and more each time because now I know my skills will return!

Today wasn’t as smooth and fall-off-the-brush as it felt before our trip, but I’m still pleased with the result.  Peaches have such yummy colors – and then bluey/purple edges to make them look fuzzy.  I hope they last another day so I can try something different tomorrow!

Here’s a mid-progress shot:

Melody Demo


For sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO. (8x8in on canvas panel)

My friend and neighbor is also a painter – how lucky am I?  But she’s been in a funk with art lately and needed some inspiration/motivation/excitement to get back into it.  So she joined us for dinner, then we pulled my big comfy chair into my little studio and put a glass of wine in her hand and she watched me paint.  Because sometimes you just need to watch someone else throw paint around for a while.  It was such a fun evening I wish we could do it every week.


Siverware Play


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO. (8x8in on stretched canvas)

Wow guys, silverware is tricky.  You got the foreshortening going on, reflections, and bent shadows!  I have a new fun commission I want to prep for and silverware is one of the subjects that came up as possible ideas.  First of all it was hard getting an interesting composition; do I go OCD and nice and lined up, or do I lay them down as if they just ‘fell’ there.  Hard.

Anyways, I like the result today – and will have to explore this subject more.

On another note;  I just packed up my new (thrift store score) plein air painting easel for our trip to Minnesota.  We’ll be on the lake for half the week and I’m hoping to be able to play a little with it while we’re there.  Mmmm, lake scenes.  Not sure if I’ll get a chance to paint again before we leave, so keep your eyes open for some plein air paintings next week!

I got it for $8 guys!  Makes me want to go to the thrift store every day in hopes of finding another one so I can plein air with a friend.

Radishes No.2


For Sale at Trimble Court Artisans in Fort Collins, CO (8x8in on canvas panel)

I don’t often buy radishes, or eat radishes, but I’m trying a new recipe this week and it called for some.  They always look so fun to paint in the grocery store – and I’ve seen some really well done paintings of radishes.  I have painted them once before, let’s see if I got any better;

August 2014

I think so, though I wish I had leaves like this painting on the current bunch!  Mine were pretty wilted today.